I'm so irritated, they better take care of the return!

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  1. I originally accidentally posted this in the purse forum!

    So I ordered the silver quilted MJ flats a while ago from CK collection and a box finally arrived today. It was a really tattered old box that had gone through lots of returns and had been taped numerous times. I open the box to find a shoe box open with scattered paper and the plastic rod things out and the shoes on the inside. Except they were the WRONG shoes!!! Instead of getting the cute silver ones, I got these really unflattering, black suede, pointy toed flats with like cutouts. :sick: So I'm going to be calling them tomorrow. They better pay for return shipping!
  2. I'm sorry about your bad experience. You should definitely call them out on it. Keep us posted on what happens...good luck!
  3. I would be pissed too!
  4. That would definitely be insult to injury if they didn't! I would like to think that most businesses are smart enough to realize how to unscrew a mistake on their part. Good luck! Let us know how it pans out!
  5. where did you order it from?