I'm so indecisive - monogram or damier ebene eva clutch??

  1. Mono
  2. I prefer damier as I think it is a little dull in mono :smile:
  3. Love mine in damier. Eva in damier just appeals to me much more and she looks fantastic at night. :>
  4. I have both, but I find that I wear the Damier a lot more. It's lower maintenance & I like the gold plate.
  5. I have both Evas and I tend to use the mono as an everyday bag, the damier ebene is much more elegant with the gold plate imo and I use it in the evening.
  6. I'd go for the Damier ebene. I prefer that ebene over vachetta. Hope you reach a decision soon!
  7. Another vote for mono!
  8. i have the damier ebene eva and she's great! no worries about the vachetta straps!
    the plaque makes it look dressier when used as a clutch but then looks casual as a crossbody as well!
    haven't had any issues so far with the plaque scratchine up :smile:
  9. I want the eva in damier, so that's what I'd go for, but if your really love the mono then go for that. Don't ever settle just because it's whats available at that moment.
  10. damier!
  11. I just got mine in Ebene on Saturday and LVoe it! You know, I didn't even realize that the size of the plates are different between Mono and Ebene. I vote Ebene!
  12. I actually prefer the eva in damier. So I would keep the dameir.
  13. I usually choose mono but I picked the Damier Eva--I kind of like the plaque. I think it looks elegant and little bit more dressy for some reason.
  14. I have it in Mono, love it!!!
    I'm not a big ' cross ' body handbag person, but, loved the chain and knew that it would be a nice evening bag for me.
  15. Yep, I'm a Damier lover as well, and would go for that one if it had the same plaque as Mono, but it doesn't, so Mono gets my vote!