I´m so hyper!!!!

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  1. My first designer bag, and I´m so hyper!!

    I just got the offer on 2 Chloé Paddy’s. The first one is tan and the other one in chocolate brown. This is like the dream bag for me and also my first designer bag, so I need to pick the right colour and of course I can’t decide.

    Which one in your opinion is the “best” for a first designer bag? and if anyone can show me what those two looks like so I can picture them for me that would be really great..thank you... :smile:

  2. I am so excited for you! Between tan and chocolate, I would recommend the chocolate. It's so versatile and just beautiful! Let us know what you decide, and POST PICS!!! Congratulations!!!:flowers:
  3. Oh I would choose the chocolate. It's so gorgeous! I've been on the hunt for one. I think tan is pretty too but chocolate would be my first choice.
  4. Ronja, is it last year's tan or this year? Last year, tan was a really pretty neutral (attached is a pic of mine from autumn/winter 05 next to the Whiskey color). This year's tan is not as nice; it is washed out and flat in color. So, if you are choosing between two 06 bags, opt for the chocolate!
  5. Looks like you all goes for the chocolate.... :smile:
  6. Chocolate, definetely.
  7. Now I got pics of the brown one...
    If you say it´s fake, I think I´m gonnad cry.. :smile:

    Paddy choco.JPG IMG_3419 (Medium).JPG IMG_3419 (Medium)2.jpg Paddy indv.JPG Paddy choco3.jpg

  8. Looks pretty!
  9. Oh good! I was waiting to see what Roey thought of that choco paddy! I think its beautiful! But I am not good at authentication! SO relieved for you!
  10. Thank you...
    Now i just have to own it. No mather what. I can´t stop looking at it thinking that this one could be mine as my first designer bag.. :smile:
  11. so happy for you. Your first special bag is so exciting.

    I actually prefer the Tan as I think it works for every season, where as I think of the chocolate as more of a fall/winter bag. But they are both gorgeous, so whichever you choose, just love it to death and use it alot :smile:
  12. This is the best color! I'm picking the same color in the mini speedy style.
  13. Looks just beautiful! Go get it, girl!!!
  14. tan... it's a classic color that goes with everything.
  15. Thanks all for your answers.
    My goal is to have one in tan, wine red, black and this one. I think the chocolate is the place to start..

    I get more pics today. So, I´m also gonad post them for you all to see.. :smile:

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