I'm so happy!

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  1. :yahoo:
    So, this Thanksgiving is our first thanksgiving in our new home. So I decided It would be the first thanksgiving I make a turkey. I was very nervous, but decided to still to it.
    When my Mother in law found out I was making it she told me not to, and that she'll make it for me. I said no thanks, I want to make one and I have to learn! She said she'd still make one anyways. :cursing:
    She called me 2 days in a row to see if I had backed out, I said NO! I can do it! (even thought I was still nervous about it) So she says, ok i guess you can ask your visitors (my cousin who stayed over for thanksgiving) to help. I said thanks but I can do it on my own.
    Well to my surprise, the Turkey was a success! :yahoo:
    Everyone loved it! It was gone that same day! I was soooo happy! Everyone was asking me for the reciepe. But i zipped my mouth. No one believed in me so why should I give them my secret? right?

    So from now on I won't let anyone make me doubt myself again!

    Oh and my mother in law's Turkey, well most of it, is still in my fridge. Its good, but not like mine.
  2. Ahh yay! :yahoo:

    What did your mother in law say when she tasted your fabulous turkey?

  3. She told me it was good. And she just smiled because she new I wasn't giving her the reciepe. But no congrats from her or anything. Oh well. hehehe
  4. hahahaha! This post is making me hungry.
  5. If we all promise that we are not secretly your mother in law in real life will you give US the secret?
  6. Yes, please do! :yes: I promise we all won't tell a soul. ;) I'm glad you pulled off a successful Thanksgiving dinner, that's a lot of work, and you should feel very proud.
  7. woohooo!! i wish i could cook well...
    my cooking is passable at best :sad:
    is this your first time making a turkey?
  8. Haha, I would have been so mad at my MIL. I'm so glad she doesn't cook and hates to do it so there is NO problem there. She didn't cook for my husband or his brother when they were growing up either so I don't have to worry about my cooking not being as good as hers... lol!
  9. Nice! Keep that recipe a secret! Shhhh!