I'm so happy! Miroir heart drama resolved!!!

  1. I stopped by LV today to ask my SA about what happened with the Miroir hearts. I didn't get a call on Jan 11, and I basically was told that I wasn't first on the WL like I thought I had been and I probably wasn't getting a heart. My SA wasn't working that day and I got the same responses from the other LV boutique in my city so I was feeling pretty sad that day!

    Anyway, she told me that what had happened was that Canada's launch day is also Feb 1 but the problem was that someone had accidentally sold some hearts early when they initially arrived and they ended up on eBay! So LV was in a tizzy about that and none of the SA's were allowed to phone people on the WL. So in reality, my heart came in and my sweet SA set it aside for me until Feb 1 - she just wasn't allowed to phone me and tell me it had come in! And I was first on the WL after all!

    I begged her for a peek, since it's been charged to my CC already and she obliged. She brought it out in a bag for me that already had my name and receipt stapled to it so it is officially mine! She said I can come anytime on Feb 1 to pick it up! So happy!!! :yahoo:
  2. yay congratz!!!
  3. Congrats .. not much longer to wait now:yes:
  4. Congrats! :flowers:
  5. Congrats, I am glad that worked out for you! :nuts:
  6. So happy for you...what a great thing to look forward to!
  7. How exciting!!! Lucky you!!!
  8. yay!!! i'm excited for you. what color did you get?
  9. Congrats ! :yes:
  10. So happy for you. Glad to see all these hearts go to good homes (tpf'rs)!
  11. congrats jellybebe...what I don't get though is if they're not allowed to sell on Feb 1 then they shouldn't charged your CC until then...b/c technically if they charged your CC already the item is yours and you should take it home..I dunno..just my opinion on that. but glad that you got yours!! i can't wait to see pics!!!
  12. I got the silver and it looks so pretty!

    So the moral of my story is... you may all get your hearts on Feb 1st! Hopefully that happens.

    And Jill I know, I was thinking the same thing but I didn't want to raise a fuss and I was in a bit of a hurry. I'm just happy to have a nice SA! What is your next bag gonna be? :graucho:
  13. lol..that's what I'd be too, I wouldn't care as long as that baby has my name it doesn't matter..lol silver would loook sooo goood against your black cabby!!

    i'm gonna pm you..lol
  14. ^ Wow! Jellybebe, which LV store are you at? Are you located in Vancouver? How did they know that the hearts ended up on eBay?
  15. Congrats!