I'm so frustrated with jemznjewels!!!

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  1. I ordered a bag from jemznjewels and emailed/called them more than a couple of times asking for a tracking number and have yet to receive a reply. i'm starting to really worry about my bag because when i ordered it, they did not have a shipping address for me to type down but only billing address. i dont live at my billing address and because usually my parents are out of town, it'll be really difficult for them to sign for the bag. i'm not too familiar with fedex either - is it required to sign for the bag? I hope they dont just leave the bag in front of the gate!!! I also wanted to make sure that it was fully insured but because it's so difficult to contact the people at jemznjewels, i have no answers!!! :sad: I'm just so disappointed at the lack of service..sighs. just had to let it out!
  2. you could call fedex and do a reverse checking. give them your billing address and they could track down your shipment for you. i've done that, hope that helps!!
  3. She is a flake sorry to say. I had a bad experience with her also.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, Fedex will require a signature of the recipient. But maybe you can contact them and try to work things out.
  5. Thank you ladies for your advice! I just called Fedex and OMG!!! I found out that nothings been shipped (GROUND AND EXPRESS ) through Fedex. What could have happened? Am I freaking out too much? It's been a week! I have already been charged on my card and it states on the website that they will ship it out within 48 hours..honestly at this point, im so worried that I really like to just cancel eveything all together but i cant even do that cause I cant reach the lady!!! I'm beyond upset!! I wonder if my AMEX can do anything about it..
  6. Maybe they used another service (ups, usps??)
  7. No she uses Fedex. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.
  8. Can you get their contact number from eBay and give them a phone call?????

    Also you paid via a credit card so you should be protected if the transaction goes bad.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  9. First of all I'm really sorry to hear this. Has your credit card been charged (for sure)? Have you received any email confirmation from her at all (the site owner) indicating that the order has been accepted? B/c from my experience she rarely rarely rarely even responds to emails or online orders.....I am very confused b/c I wonder how she sells her bags (if she doesn't respond to inquiries at all) -- maybe through local clients mostly....? I know she has a reputation for selling only authentic stuff (even being featured in Harper's Bazaar about this a year or two back) but from a customer service point of point it seems like having a website defeats the point of it. There's a good chance your credit card wasn't charged and the bag is actually on hold or sold to someone else. Can you check with your CC company to see if the charge has been finalized?
  10. oh dear, I hope you get this sorted and try all the advice the ladies have given you.
  11. Gotta love the customer service these days........

    I hope you get this sorted out.

  12. My AMEX has been charged for sure. I called Amex and they told me that I should wait for one more week to see if the bag is going to come or not. If it gets lost in the mail, AMEX says I can dispute it. For now, I guess my only option is to be patient and wait... I will not buy from jemznjewels again and I do not recommend it for anyone!! :tdown:
  13. I'm so sorry to hear that. Especially because you were so excited about this great deal! Do hope everything works out!
    Try to do a chargeback as soon as you can anyway. If the bag does come, you can always cancel it. I think it's really rude for her not to contact you. Whenever I sell something on eBay, I always make sure the buyers know what to expect every step of the way, because I would want to be informed that way.
    Let us know how it turns out..
  14. I'm crawling out on a limb but perhaps there was some sort of family emergency and she's not reachable. Who knows but try to find center, remain calm for a few more days. If nothing still by mid-week then by all means get that charge back in motion.
  15. I dealt with her a few years ago and she was not the quickest to respond to e-mails but she is legit and I can tell you that the bag will get to you. I know the waiting is really frustrating.
    Please post a pic when you get it.
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