I'm so frustrated with fakes on eBay

  1. Yesterday a fake Tods sold for $425.00! I get so frustrated with eBay, I reported the fake 3 or 4 times (lost count) over 3 days and they did not pull it! Now some poor fool paid $425.00 for a fake.

    I hate what it does to buyers, scares them from buying on eBay, so seller have less of an audiance, hence lower selling price. I'm also forced to use Reserves so my authentic items don't get sucked up for a loss to me.

    Sorry, just had to vent, I know you guys will understand.
    Thanks for letting me 'let it out'.
  2. I stop reporting fake items,as eBay did not really care. My selling revenue now is far less than last year.

  3. I totally agree. Some sellers have some real nerve when they list "junk" as "authentic". Then I get really frustrated when I see the "junk" selling and selling for high prices. Just don't get that..............guess people don't care if it is fake or they just aren't aware. Plus these listings are all over Ebay:yucky: .
  4. I agree. Ebay's inability to handle the fakes out there has hurt me as both buyer and seller.
  5. 2 of us have reported a fake LV recently, it's still running & the seller has already scammed somebody else for $1500.00 for another bag. Makes me sick.
  6. It definitely can mess with the selling business. I just try to console myself with the fact that I do my best to be a reputable seller.
    There is so much stuff on Ebay however I think it is hard for them to keep track of it all. Also, obviously they are making tons of cash in sellers fees from the fakers.
    This forum is a God send and I try to direct buyers towards it when they have questions about authenticity.
  7. i remember a couple of years ago when i HAD to have a balenciaga...i knew i wouldn't buy one on ebay because i just wasn't comfortable with it...so i was checking some out on ebay and saw one that i liked and asked a few questions about it...the woman was telling me that it was a genuine/authentic balenciaga, but a "lower" model so it didn't have all the bells and whistles they normally have...then i checked out another one and i emailed the seller and asked how she could "guarantee" authenticity...she told me that "i got these from a woman that i trust who got them in CHINA"...anyway, i got one at Barney's new york but the whole thing about fakes just disgusts me...