I'm so frustrated. What a horrible Monday!

  1. So today started just like any other Mondays. I got up, got dressed and left for work. Just like any other day, any other month. However, as I got to my car, I noticed that the windshield has been smashed. So, I'm thinking. ok fine, I will deal with it when I get hoem from work. So I walk to my next car, guess what? The windshield was smashed too. Ok fine, I deal with this one later too. So i walked to the third car, no surprises there the windshield was smahed in addition to the back window. By now, I'm in a dazed. As it happens, 15 cars on my street were vandalized. I parked all my cars on the street due to limited parking spaces in the Bay area. So here I am instead of sitting at work and blogging on the TPF, I'm sitting at home waiting for the auto glass guy to come and fix my cars and of course blogging in the TPF.

    Just want to share my frustrating day with all of you.
  2. I'm sorry that happend to you. One time I was driving home in SF and I saw a bunch of rowdy teenagers with a bat and just smashing car windows. I was really scared. I called the police to let them know what was happening, when I got away from the scene. I felt bad for all those people's cars.
  3. omg, where in the bay are you? there was someone on my block who went by and smashed all of the driver side windows one night... thank god mine didn't get it but it was close.
  4. We have teens that smash everyones mailboxs...what is wrong with these morons? Sorry that happened to you. I cant wait til one day when they grow up and it happens to them.

    On a side note I am so annoyed today by something that happened to me....I dont want to rant but some people in this world have no sense of decency!
  5. So sorry that happened to you !! I feel your pain.. My car was broken into.. and then a couple weeks ago someone vandalized the cars by taking the valve stems out of the tires! Idiots these days *hugs*
  6. How horrible that happened to you, such senseless vandalism!
  7. That is terrible, I'm so sorry. How frustrating. I hope your insurance covers it with minimal (hopefully, no) deductible.
  8. Thanks All. This all happenned in the Daly City area by Westlake. There is like 4 different auto glass trucks park all over the street now trying to fix everyone's car. I'm paying out of my own pocket since I have to pay 3 deductibles. Its more cost effective fo rme to pay for it myself then file for a claim or in my case 3 claims.
  9. That's terrible news. I'm sorry about your cars! My family went through something similar a few years ago when my father bought a brand new car. Someone decided to key around the entire car (even on the hood) and they had to repaint the entire car. But it really was so frustrating because we didn't know anything like if it was random act of vandalism or what. Never found out who did it!
  10. That's awful!! :sad: I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you.
  11. OMG that's horrible! I'm so sorry that's happened to you. Did you file a police report? Thank goodness no one was hurt.
  12. OMG that is horrible! Hopefully someone will come forward with some info.
  13. how idiotic....... i wish all people were civilized, alas the world just isn't even CLOSE to perfect. =(
  14. I'm so sorry! What a gigantic and expensive pain! I hope they catch the idiots that did this and make them pay for every last windsheild.
  15. Oh, you are having a bad day. I am so sorry you've been a victim of vandalism. Sometimes the teenagers (I'm assuming that's who does it) come along at night and smash our mailboxes. We live in a rural area with the boxes down by the road.

    Anyway, I understand your needing to write about this and take it one step at a time. Sometimes the best way to deal with these horrible, overwhelming issues is to just process the event and then gear up into action when you're ready.