I'm so frustrated...(long)

  1. I just bought the Signature Stripe Tote in chocolate yesterday (10125) but realized I didn't like it when I got home. It doesn't fit over my jackets very well and I want a tote that can do that. I've come to the conclusion that I can get the Carly if I take my unused Zoe Optic clutch back and the tote back. I call around to different Macy's this morning just to try and see if they have a Large Carly in Saddle, so I can get a discount before paying full price. I already know that two in my area don't have it, so I was willing to drive to another city close-by just to get it if they have it. Well, I call this morning and speak to the rudest SA ever. She picks up the phone with attitude and I tell her I'd like to see if she has the bag and only got Carly out, I said let me give you the number and ... I hear hold music. :wtf: She leaves me on hold so long that it rings back. Then she picks up the phone and says "Macy's", so I say "Yeah, I was just on hold" and I hear her getting ready to breathe hard and say "Look, I was only on hold and it rung back". So she said she had some customers and let me put you on hold. After waiting another eternity I hang up and call back on my cellphone, WHERE IT'S FREE IDIOT SA!! I call back again, and the phone rings an eternity. She finally picks up and screams "Macy's" in my ear. I said, "I was calling to see if you had a bag", where she cuts me off again. I finally got Coach and the number out and she repeated it back to me, but I doubt she wrote it down. She's like, "I have customers, so call back and see if I have it". What?! I'm a customer calling over the phone, too. I can understand having customers in the store and wanting to cater to them first, but there's no need for the attitude. Should I call back or just go to a boutique? :confused1: Thanks for letting me rant. :rant:
  2. Call back and repeat your story to the manager!!
  3. My Macy's SA's are rude over the phone too - but nice in person. Infuriating. I once called to see if they sold scarves. She said we do not sell scarves and hung up on me!
  4. She won't pick up the phone!!! :cursing:
  5. What city are you in?
  6. I agree I would deff call back and ask to speak to a manager even if it's in another department "like jewelry".
    Explain what happend I gaurantee they won't be happy with the way you were treated.
    Completley unacceptable behavior.
  7. Guess what!? I called and spoke to the "most chipper" manager I could possibly meet. :roflmfao: She said she would personally walk over there and see if they had it and call me right back. :yahoo: Thanks for backing me, ladies. I usually don't get the manager involved because I don't even want to get the rudest of SA's in trouble, but I WANT THAT BAG!!!
  8. They didn't have it. :sad: But thanks again for all your help ladies. TPF Rocks! :rochard: