I'm so freaking upset!!!!!!!!

  1. DH and I ran into town real quick to run a couple of errands. I knew Fed Ex was due to show up but wasn't concerned because my kids, including my 19 yo son, were home. I get back and check the tracking to see if maybe there was a change and they were delivering tomorrow. It's rural here so they've done that in the past since it's out of their way to come here. So, when I check the tracking it says the package was delivered and left at my front door! NO WAY! I came in through the front door and there is NO package! I asked my kids if anyone had been here and they all said no! I called Fed Ex and they're going to contact the courier to find out what he did with the package but in the mean time I'm so freaking upset! I don't live close to neighbors so no one took it and my kids would know if someone drove up the driveway, the dog barks like crazy! Is there anything else I can do? Should I call Coach or will they do anything? I'm so upset! This isn't cheap stuff so it's upsetting when this kind of crap happens! I had 2 keyfobs and a wristlet that were supposed to be here today. I could just cry! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: Anyway, thanks for listening to me.
  2. Don't worry I am sure Fed Ex will find out. Don't stress. :flowers:
  3. I am so sorry this happened to you. I know it is very upsetting when you're waiting for your goodies. Hopefully everything will be OK. Keep us updated.
    Big :tdown: for FedEX today!
  4. Don't worry, I'm sure it was a glitch in the system/computer. I understand tho, caz I am always on edge when I'm waiting for a package too. I'm sure it will show up. Is it possible they took it back to the UPS office because it appeared no one was home? I know some of them will do this and some won't. Usually they just redeliver it the next day.
  5. I can feel your pain. Fedex did this to me a few months ago with my Legacy shoulder bag. They could not find my house so they left it at a house they thought was mine. I was frantic when I looked at the tracking and it showed it was delivered. I called and they said the same thing as you. They needed to talk to the driver. He remembered exactly where he left it and would go back later & pick it up. Well the owner of the house just happened to know me so she brought it to me(I got lucky!), but the driver was frantic trying to find her to get the package back! Hopefully all will be ok with your things and will be in your hands tomorrow.
  6. That would be so upsetting! Don't worry I'm sure it will all be straightened out! Good luck.
  7. Don't stress over it so much! I'm sure it's finee!! GL!
  8. Maybe it was just a glitch on their computor? I'm sure that can happen :sad: I hope it turns out ok.
  9. Sometimes Fedex will note in the tracking info where it was left, e.g., front porch, garage door, etc. Check around your property. Hopefully, you'll get an update real soon, with good news!

    And tell those kids, "Mommy's expecting something very important, so be on the lookout for Fedex"!
  10. I'm sure they'll get it worked out...but it sucks to be antipcating your goodies and then have to WAIT at least one more day. Now THAT's the painful part!! I hope they get it resolved first thing tomorrow!
  11. I feel your pain. Hopefully you'll find out first thing tomorrow what really happened with the package. Is there a back porch where he could have possibly left it? I remember one time somebody posting a similar situation and the owner found out by accident the package at the back of the house, covered by some stuff so as to protect it.
  12. Dont't worry T...it will turn up. Don,t cry... I am sure, he just checked the wrong box...it happened to me once...Call in the AM and track it with Coach..,.
  13. So Fed Ex called but I had to step out again! The gal told my son she'd call back tomorrow and update me. I looked everywhere it could possibly be so it isn't here. No note to tell me where it could be either. So, either the system is wrong or the guy took it to the wrong house. I'm sure it'll work out Ok. It just sucks waiting!
  14. Yeah, this is enough to get you frazzled. But I'm sure everything is okay. I'm pretty sure if he would have left it at the wrong house you would have known by now. Try not to worry. (((HUGS))) to you!:flowers: Keep us updated!
  15. Hang in there!! It totally sucks to not know what's going on, but I'm sure Fed Ex must have your package. Thank goodness it wasn't UPS, I've had some pretty awful experiences with them. Hang on!!!