I'm so FREAKING Angry (Venting)

  1. So I know it's petty, but all I wanted to do today was get my hair done. It's been way too long since I've been able to go and I FINALLY was able to get an appointment. Hubby was supposed to stay with baby while I went. AAAGGGRRRHHH!!!!!! His office called and now he has a meeting at 11:00 am (my appointment was for 10:30). I'm so annoyed :rant::censor::mad: I could scream. It is going to take me forever to get a new appointment and it's so hard to get away from the baby b/c I'm nursing, she won't take a bottle and is going through a mommy phase so she won't let anyone touch her right now:cry:. I just feel like crying. Okay-sorry for the rant, but I just had to vent and I know that you all would understand my torture!:mad:

    BTW-I'm calling hair salon right now to reschedule. They are supposed to open at 9:30-it's 9:44 and no one is picking up the freaking phone.:rant: I can't win today.

    Okay repeating "this is not tragic" to myself and taking deep breaths.
  2. I understand. It's the little things that can really bother you. I'm sure you'll get your hair done soon. Hang in there!
  3. LOL Been there before!! It sucks but welcome to motherhood! LOL its the beginning of many grooming sacrifices! Give yourself an at home facial while you are nursing...at least your skin will look glowy and great!

    Take care and I feel your pain! :smile:
  4. You are soooo right-I have to add this to the list of things that people don't tell you b/f you have children.
  5. I feel for ya! I think it was 9 months before I got back to the hairdressers. Relax, it will all pass, go brush your hair, put on some make-up and tell yourself what a glam groovy mama you are without the hairdresser! Find a baby friendly salon that will let you bring baby and nurse. It makes a big difference for you to relax.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been in that state. Just calm down and relax...hugs...
  7. I totally know where you're coming from. Before my twins were born I had my hairdresser cut my hair into a bob so I could just let it grow long b/c I knew I wouldn't be able to see him for a long time. Thank god for ponytails and valium :smile:

    It will get better...My twins are 8 now and I've been noticing how independant they're becoming and how they're growing up so fast. It makes me a little sad at times.
  8. I've just gotten out of that phase and you just need to repeat to yourself that it's not forever, it'll pass. It's hard on us emotionally when we feel that our kids are attached to us. I definitely struggled with feeling that way...even more frustrating when things don't go our way when we're definitely due for some pampering. Keep at it....don't give up on your much needed relaxation and time away from the baby. It'll come some day and you'll enjoy it sooo much because you had to work so hard to get it.
  9. at least try to enjoy the time you'll spend with your baby!!!
    and yes, brush your hair, put make up on and look how glam a mommy can be!
    don't let it discourage you or the whole day!just keep smiling!
  10. Sorry to hear that, and it is the small things that get to you. Hope you get to the salon and doll yourself up. Hopefully your little one takes to a bottle sooner than later to give you a little break here and there.

    Do you have or know an esthetician and stylist that makes house calls? Maybe you could have them come and see you and pamper yourself while the little one takes a nap? Give yourself a treat, it sounds like you deserve it.
  11. AW. I'm sorry!

    it's not petty, I get REALLY excited when I'm going to get my hair done-- it's like an instant little confidence boost.

    I hope you can make it again sometime soon!
  12. Sorry to hear things are not going your way today. My thinking is your husband really owes you now... Perhaps it will brighten your day a bit to think about how he can make this up to you. Of course another hair appointment, but maybe a massage and manicure too? Or how about a nice dinner that he prepares (or gets take-out). With all the stress of motherhood, you deserve to be pampered!
  13. LOL its not the end of the world. Try getting another appointment.
  14. JJS Mama, you do make me smile. That is really frustrating, but what can you do? What about, using this oppurtunity to putting a nice treatment on your hair once it is washed, and leaving it in overnight. Meanwhile book another appointment if you can for the morning, that way you will feel that you are starting the appointment yourself.Worst case, take baby with you, and there are always nice juniors/stylists who will coo and rock her in her baby seat! Post a pic when you come out , with your coiffed hair.:flowers:
  15. OMGosh! There's not a Mommy alive that doesn't understand and completely empathize w/ you!
    I nursed my 3 and know how hard it is to get away for a little alone time!
    {{{I'm sorry}}}
    I hope you're able to reschedule and have a fantastic hour or so alone!