Im so fickle! Carly (Saddle or Gold)

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    Hi ladies, I'm the most fickle woman on earth. Been thinking for 2 weeks but still undecided on the colour. Help me will you?? Thanks

    Carly Singature Medium (10619)

    1. Khaki/Gold
    2. Khaki/Saddle
  2. love both color combos...but I personally think the saddle works better (the gold on brass hardware is kinda too much almost...)
  3. I vote for saddle, too.
  4. Saddle!
  5. saddle, no doubt about it. it's GORGEOUS!
  6. Saddle.
  7. I love the saddle.
  8. too funny, that was exactly my debate on saturday at the coach store. both saddle and gold were out of stock, but i ordered a saddle when i saw the tiny wristlet carly with the saddle trim and brass hw, looked better with the khaki i thought.
  9. Saddle :smile:
  10. Saddle!
  11. Saddle! :smile:
  12. Saddle!!
  13. Saddle! I think it's unanimous!
  14. i will be the minority, and say GOLD!

    its a very light gold and does NOT over power the brass at all, i love my gold.
  15. i had a hard time choosing too, but i think i'm going with the saddle, so that gets my vote.