I'm so excited

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  1. This is the only YSL I own and I have to say that this is my new favorite bag!:cloud9:
    I've been stalking this forum, drooling:drool: at everyone's pictures and I'm just so glad that I can now show off my very own Muse II, as seen in the adds!!!
    I'm pretty sure that I need another one!LOL:nuts:


  2. congrats! what a great YSL to start with :graucho:!
    I love that bag!
  3. I love your bag!!! I've been wanting to find one for myself but it seems like it has sold out everywhere!

    Lucky girl!!
  4. Congrats shopalot! Glad you are enjoying your first YSL bag! :tup: Please be sure to post your pics in the Reference Library.
  5. Your modeling pictures are wonderful....I am so glad you made the 'plunge'! Congrats!
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! its beautiful!!
  7. Congrats! What a gorgeous first YSL!
  8. Congrats on your first YSL! It's beautiful and you carry it well!
  9. Thanks all!
    I thought that the large would be too big for me after seeing some great modeling pics of the medium, but I'm happy with my choice!
  10. i love this bag, funny thing i bought it as well yesterday! congrats on the purchase
  11. Congratulations! Its such a beautiful bag! I already have a Muse II but am just itching to get antoher one!
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Lovely, lovely, lovely.... Is it large?
  14. I know exactly what you feel like! I've got the same feeling:nuts:
  15. Hi Tasha1, yes it is the large!