I'm So Excited!

  1. Just had to share this with "the gang"!

    Due to various reasons serious and sundry...career changes...unexpected illness, etc...my daughter and I haven't be:cry: en able to see each other since she moved across the country...in 2002!

    Yeah...I know...you moms are SHOCKED! :blink: lol

    It's been HARD.

    But...she is arriving this week for a two and a half week visit!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I am so excited I can hardly stand it! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Hooray!!! Have a great time!
  3. Yay!! ;)

  4. YES! Enjoy one another...I know you will.
  5. Great News !!! I'm sure you girls will have a blast. :heart:
  6. I am sure she is just as excited as you...I don't get to see my mom too often since we moved to Hong Kong...and I am always so excited when we do get together! I have 3 kids of my own...and I am still just a kid when it comes to my Mom. I hope you guys have a great trip!!
  7. That's great to hear! :smile: I'm sure it'll be a highly-anticipated reunion - lots of catching up to do, reliving old memories, etc...
  8. :yahoo:I know you both will have a wonderful time! :flowers:
  9. Yay! How exciting! I'm sure you'll have a great time together.
  10. yay! i'm so excited for y'all! my mom and i are super close, i can't even imagine not seeing her for that long. i live and hour and a half away and i make it a point to always go back and visit at least every other week. this will get harder when i leave college, but hopefully i'll never have to wait very long
  11. Exciting. Cool!

  12. You know that girl is going to be burning up mama's credit card! :roflmfao:
  13. It has been HARD! She's my only child and it just about killed me the day she moved so far away. :cry: Plus, I have NO family here at all.

    But now we're both so excited, we're bouncing off the walls! LOL :lol:

    I appreciate everyone's kind thoughts! :flowers:
  14. so glad to hear about you and your daughter finally spending some time together.. hope u guys do something really fun.. enjoy!!!
  15. Glad to hear that!