I'm So Excited!

  1. I went down to LV today to put my name down on the list for a Damier Speedy 30!! :yes: Yay! :yahoo:

    I've been distracted by other bags, so it's been a few years (I can hear you all gasping in shock!) since I bought an LV. But I've been hanging out on this thread for a little bit and the next thing you know....LV fever! :lol:

    After reading the thread on the Damier Speedy becoming part of the regular collection...and after thinking about it a little...off I went to LV!

    I had the sweetest SA ever! She was oh-so-helpful and friendly. Just a doll! Very informative...made suggestions...even complimented me on my necklace and had a nice little chat about it. That ended in a tear or two (long story).

    And...I looked at some pieces in the Epi line! Uh-oh! I feel some more purchases coming on! LOL I was torn between the Jasmin and...yes, I confess!....another Speedy! I can't help it! I love the Speedy style and it just works so well for me! I'm still debating. My other hesitation was the Jasmin and Speedy I was looking at...they only had the new hardware and I think I prefer the gold. And I couldn't decide...red or black? Or both?? :roflmfao:

    BTW..I also popped into the Sak's LV boutique. Oh my. The last time I went to Sak's....NO ONE waited on me! This time? Not much better! The SA didn't know anything about the Damier Speedy coming out. She did offer to take my name to call me if they got some. :huh: She quoted me a price in the $700 and something range. I told her I thought that was wrong. She called the LV 800 number and they confirmed the price will be the same as mono Speedies. I had to explain to the SA that the Damier Speedy will now be part of the regular collection. :Push:

    The "help" at the Chanel boutique and the Gucci counter wasn't any better. What is up with Sak's???

    But I love my SA at LV! And I can't wait for my new Damier Speedy 30!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. So good to hear that SA @ LV was nice!!! Don't you LOVE when people are friendly and kind?! Can't wait to see what you'll end up with!!!:smile:
  3. [​IMG] yayyyyyy congrats. I didn't put myself in the waitting list because I want to make sure to see in in person first. My SA will call me when some pieces come..
    Don't forget to show us the pics [​IMG]
  4. Whoo Hoo!!! How exciting!:yahoo:

    Now I bet ya can't wait for it to come in!
  5. I'm in the waiting list too. I can't wait. They said, it's going to come out in June.
  6. That is so exciting. :biggrin: I wish I had a great SA at LV. The one I spoke with at NM said the Speedy wasn't coming out til late Fall. :rolleyes: It's too bad when we have better info than they do! :lol: Anyway, congrats on your soon to be new Speedy!!!!!
  7. :flowers:Congrats!
  8. Congrats!
  9. congrats!
  10. I think we should have a thread with everyone and their new Speedies after they come in! :yes: :yahoo:
  11. Looking forward to seeing your new purchase,Congrats.
  12. Congrats!
    I didn't put my name down since it's going to be permanent in the line and I can get it later. But I definitely will be getting it too! :heart:
  13. yeah it will be a regular line, so no reason to put your name down, well maybe if you want to get the bag as soon as it get the store.:yes:
  14. Leah ~ That Is Great! Damier Speedy Is Lovely & So Are The Two Epi's (Black & Red Are My Favorite Epi Colors, Too!). I Also Glad You Had Such A Wonderful SA @ LV!
  15. I can't wait for my damier speedy either!! I have the red Jasmine and i LOVE IT!! It's such a fun piece!