I'm So Excited!!!!!!!

  1. I've been jumping up & down screaming like a little girl going to disney world for like 10 minutes but i think i've finally overcome my excitement enough now to sit down & type.:shame:


    The closest one to me is about 2 1/2-3 hours but we don't ever go there; so i have to drive 4-6 hours to get to a louis vuitton now it's going to be on the other side of town in a mall i go to atleast every other week for P.F. Changs. Even though i don't know if it's a good or bad thing b/c when your driving that far you tend to think about your purchases more.

    I will deff. be there opening day but sadly i have no job & $0 to my name. I'm applying for jobs so i might be able to get one fast; hopefully. but until then i'm going to try & help out around the house & see if my dad will buy me something small @ the grand opening. I just hit him up for a koala agenda last month b/c it was discontinued & i don't want to take advantage of my dad's lack of using to word no; so what is the cheapest real item i can get? by real i mean i don't want inserts for my agenda.

    & since we all like pictures. here are some outfits i made using polyvore while attempting not to do homework. keep in mind with the style of the clothes.i'm an 18 year old college freshman who lives in a city that unitl the 26th has no good stores; so i'm not really exposed to fashion that often.





    now post your creations; i love seeing how verstile louis vuitton can be!
  2. Well it depends on what your real amount is to spend. If you only want somthing cheaper then I would get the mini accessories you have in your wish list, or else for a little more you could get a cute accessory like somthing inclusion or a cles. These are the things I would get on a limited budget.
  3. how about a cles or inclusion item?

    that's great that there's a LV nearby you now. for me that's dangerous lol. the closest to me is a 45 min. drive. but i only shop at the LV that's on another island. curbs my lust and spending just a teensy bit.
  4. Get a Key Holder or Cles as Caley suggested? I like the Key Holder idea as although it's something small it's something you'd use several times a day, everyday, so is great value for money and you'll get tons of use out of it. The Amarante Vernis one is stunning. :drool:

    Ooh or the new grey Inclusions should be out by then too, you could get one of those?
  5. the monogram cles has got to be my most useful item from LV>
  6. Wow how exciting! :yahoo:Have fun!
  7. I love the monogram Cles.
  8. Definitely try a cles, they are really useful as well ! :yes:
  9. Lucky girl!! I so wish a LV would open up somewhere around here.
  10. I vote for a cles!
  11. Funny thing...I used to lust over LV when I didn't have on close by and I thought I had to buy something everytime I went to a boutique, now they opened one about 1hr from where I live (but I go there ALL the time) and I've bought the least amount of LV since it opened. I usually just go there, browse and walk out empty handed (unless I'm shopping for someone else, which I also have done a lot)...Maybe it's the fact that I know it's there, so the stuff isn't as tempting anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE LV...but it's been good for my wallet!!!
  12. yay, congrats! what about a cles? or a mini pochette? the trunks & bags one is really cute!

    and great outfits!
  13. Cles gets my vote also...
  14. yeay now you can visit LV more often lol.