I'm so excited, my first Manolos!

  1. I've finally found and got my first Manolo Blahnik shoes! Ever since I saw this pair in Sex and the City, I wanted one. I searched and didn't find them. Tried going to boutiques that sell Manolos in Europe, nothing, especially for my tiny feet. Also, the last time I was in NYC, the different boutiques had very few shoe selection for my size.

    Finally, a fellow PF member helped me and hooked me up with her SA at the Manolo boutique in NYC. I called and the SA found my shoes! The package arrived on Friday, but since I was away in Germany, I missed the postman. This morning, I immediately rang up UPS and they said that they will deliver the package again before 10 AM. I got so excited that I even took a day off today to wait for my shoes. I didn't want them delivered to my office since my boss will make fun of me again for having too much shoes lol! :lol: Well, also I'm very tired since I didn't sleep well last night so decided to take a break.

    I had a big smile when I opened the package and tried on the shoes. They are gorgeous, fit perfectly and super comfortable! I'm also glad I ordered half a size smaller than my normal size, otherwise, the shoes will be a bit big. Oh, and the SA also added a pair of insoles just in case ... she's so sweet!

    Thank you so much Avandome for your help!!! :yahoo:
    Seradaby_LaVan1.jpg Seradaby_LaVan2.jpg Seradaby_LaVan3.jpg Seradaby_LaVan4.jpg Seradaby_LaVan5.jpg Seradaby_LaVan6.jpg
  2. congrats!!! they look fab on u!
  3. La Van, congratulations! They are fabulous. I love them too!
  4. Thanks sadhunni and Delphinium.

    For some reason, these heels are the same height as my Louboutin Decollete. But I could perfectly walk in these Manolos without practice, while with the Louboutin, I really need to get used to it.

    Mmm, it must have something to do with how the shoe is curved.
  5. :wtf: :nuts: love love love them la van you have terrific taste :flowers:
  6. They are fabulous! Congrats!
    They are the exact same shoe featured in the Sex And The City episode " A Womans Right To Shoes" (Season 6!).
  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. They look great! Congratulations!

    If you like Blahnik, I know in Neiman Marcus Newport Beach on Sept. 30th...Blahnik will be there to take special orders. Anyone can choose ANY shoe (Blahnik), in ANY leather (not only exotic). That would be great for you since it was mentioned your size is difficult to find. I am sure you can call in your order...or take a visit.
  9. Oh those are so beautiful. I was at Saks yesterday and I saw a woman wearing those exact shoes. I told her how pretty they were but she was really saddened by the fact that they were too big.
  10. Really? Ooooo that sounds like fun. Although stupid Neiman Marcus doesn't accept Visa/ Mastercard.:shrugs:
  11. Yes NM accepts both Visa & Mastercard

  12. we're Sedaraby twinsies:rochard:!

    i bought them after falling in love with them on Sex & the City too :yes:!
  13. not Newport Beach......(only amex / neiman marcus)

    Vegas I thought was the only Neimans that accepted other cards...because of tourists.
  14. La Van -- Amazing shoes!! :love: :love:

    I almost bought my first pair of Manolos this past weekend (the black patent Campari), and the only reason I didn't is that I wanted to see what other Manolo styles are out there.

    I also have Louboutin pumps and found it was so much easier to walk around in the Manolos.
  15. Congrats!

    Gorgeous shoes.

    I also bought my first pair of Manolos last week. :biggrin: