I'm so excited! Just bought my first enamel bangle on ebay...PIC!

  1. It is the Mexique in blue and black with silver trim :graucho:. The seller is poupidou13 and she seems really nice. I couldn't find her listed on the reputable eBay sellers list, but some members have said that she only deals with authentic Hermes, so that was enough for me! What do you all think??
  2. Congratulations it's GORGEOUS! I love it!
  3. wow, it is so pretty...... congrats..
  4. Yeah!!! I just purchased the same bracelet at H BH, but did not ask the name... Love it!!!
  5. Congrats, it's really gorgeous. She is a great seller, I've bought a few bracelets from her and they have all looked brand new.
  6. Very pretty! Congrats.
  7. icechick...thank you! That's great to know. I'm actually looking at another one she has up for sale now :p

    socal...congrats on yours, too! What color did you get?

    msfashionista and bluxcape...thank you for the kind words :flowers:
  8. Congratulations Smallfry! Mexique was my first Hermes enamel bracelet and my absolute favorite.
  9. congrats! thats so pretty!
  10. I love that print! I was going to get it in orange but they were sold out of my size....you'll never be tired of it
  11. that's beautiful! congrats!
  12. Love it!!
  13. Gorgeous! Congrats, Smallfry!
  14. I think....I love it!
  15. I love that! Congrats...