I'm so excited! I'm going to Bicester!

  1. My hubby and I have just arranged a visit to friends in Swindon in April and we're going to make a trip to Bicester (our first ever visit) I'm soooooo excited.

    I've already been on the Bicester website to see what they have there and am planning my shopping list. Hubby is already on his way to a breakdown worrying about the expenditure!!!! Ha!!! He'll get over it!
  2. ooh fantastic! I love a good stroll around bicester village.. last time we were there I dagged the OH in the mulberry shop 3 times! :tup:
  3. ooh have a lovely time. I've only been once but can't wait to visit again in May for the 'meet' !!!
  4. Have a great time. You look lovely on your photo in the other thread.
  5. Ali - have a great time and you look fab in your pic! Love your haircut!
  6. oooh...!!! Here's wishing you a wonderful time at Bicester and do tell us what you saw and bought! Fun!!!!!
  7. Oh thank you.
  8. Thanks. Believe it or not my hair used to be below my shoulders and Blonde!!!

    2 years ago I lose 4 stone in weight, cut my hair and dyed it Dark Brown - I've never looked back since. Its sooo easy to do now.

  9. Wow- some transformation!! You look great with short hair. I keep thinking about having the chop but haven't got the courage!
  10. One good thing about hair is: it always grows. I've had fun with my chops, and then grown it out again. Now I have chin length, very crisp, swingy look.

  11. Amen ! My hair has been short for 20 years and it always will be. I have a strange Dh - he actually loves my short hair! I think its really because I can be ready to leave the house in a flash! That's the only aspect of me that's low maintenance. :yes:
  12. Kroquet -- let's see a pic of you! I adore short hair.

    Ali-bagpuss -- can you make a full report of what you see at Bicester? I want to know how much stuff and variety there is at a Mulberry outlet...

  13. I have promised to post a pic when DD brings her digi camera over. I am so out of touch and am still using a film camera.:p

    Ali - take notes and do give a full report!! More importantly, though, have a wonderful trip!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. I will take a notepad with me and make a full report of what stock they have in.
  15. It's quite a good idea to let the SAs know that you're taking notes for friends who are interested in Mulberry bags. I was even allowed to take some pics at Shepton Mallet, which they normally don't allow.
    I just think you might get some funny looks if they spot you writing down prices etc in a notebook.
    They've got tighter security wise since two couples recently went into Shepton, the women loaded bags up on their arms & then they ran out of the shop to a waiting car. They were caught a few miles away but it's made the staff more security aware. Don't want you getting arrested!