I'm so excited! I just purchased a Bulga! And a question...

  1. Now, of course, I can't wait for it to come. :yahoo: Neiman Marcus, free shipping! Of course, it was on sale, so I can afford it (I'm sure there's something I can do without for a few weeks!). :love:

    My new baby is the Leather Satchel! I hope I love her when I see her in person! I can smell the fresh leather already...:tender:

    I struggled, as I wanted to get another bag as well, also a Bulga, but got really confused as there were 2 bags that looked very similar to this amateur bag lover. Can someone help me figure out what the difference is? One is the Bulga Leather Tote. The other is the Bulga Large Leather Satchel.

    To me, they look the same, probably have the same dimensions, but why is one so much more $$$ than the other?

    I'm considering using it for school this summer, but may end up pampering it and using it as just a plain canvas bag for my books. I will not be reported on the purse abuse thread!!! ;)
    Bulga Leather Satchel.jpg Bulga Leather Tote.jpg Bulga Large Leather Satchel.jpg
  2. Could one of them have the triple compartments (the Satchel?)? I'm thinking maybe that's why one is more than the other.
  3. Interesting question...

    Have you called the customer service line to ask about it? Perhaps they used the wrong picture? Or, maybe one color is one sale?
  4. I believe they are the same bag, only one color is on sale.
  5. Ah, ok. Thanks a lot. I tried calling customer service, but work was a little crazy today. Will have to try again tomorrow and see what else I can learn. They do look like the same bag, but even the original prices are off by about $50, hence my original question.

    Hm...looks like I might have to save that bag from the website :tender: ...although in Banana. Wish I could see it in person first before I make the purchase though... :shrugs:

    CoutureQueen: Love the bag in your picture...what kind is it?
  6. I did find out what the difference was between the 2 same looking bags:

    The Leather Tote, which is more expensive, is larger (16"x 18" x 7"). The Large Leather Satchel is smaller (14.5" x 15.5" x 4.5").

    I will have to think more about this (read: save up more money).

    Still awaiting the arrival of my first Bulga...I'm having it sent to work so I can love it immediately!
  7. FYI - I've just received my Bulga. While I love the leather (soft and so stroke worthy), the color (taupe, a nice dark beigish color), and the fresh leather smell, I am not too fond of the styling in person (looked so juicy in pictures!), but will probably tote it around for a week in the house to see if I change my mind. If not, then I will drive up to White Plains, return it, and see if there isn't something else that I like a little better.

    I'm so bummed... :sad: I really want to like the bag... did I mention how soft and yummy the bag and the color are? It's a big bag...just not what I expected...
  8. cute bag!
  9. oh! what a proud mamma you are! congrats!