I'm so excited i had to share

  1. I saw on a website that the 2nd phase of our new mall is going to have a louis vuitton @ first i couldn't believe it! So i decided to email Louis vuitton. So this afternoon i was checking my emails on my phone while riding home from lunch & i got an email from them. When i read it i actually screamed a little :blush: my parents are never going to let me live that down.they said a location will be opening up in Fall of 2007!!!! It's a dream come true to have a lv store thats not 2 1/2 hours away. i'm always going to be broke now but i will have a lot of purses.

    So now i'm going to find a job ASAP & saving my money so i can buy something as soon as they open. What should i buy? I already have a popincourt,trouville, pochette crossiant, and monogramed snapped coin purse & bill fold.

    :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I'm like a little kid going to disney world. i just can't get over my excitment!
  2. how exciting! i wish i wasn't such a snob and went to the LV that's closest to me (45 min away as opposed to flying to another island) lol.

    what about getting one of the damier speedys on your wishlist :smile:
  3. Speedy :smile:
  4. :yahoo:That is great! You'll be able to pop in to see the faaabulous new stuff anytime!
    You don't really have to buy anything though, so you might not go broke.
    Although that's easier said then done, teehee.
  5. How nice!
  6. Great news! How about something in Azur?
  7. Thast totally exciting!
  8. how exciting!! Looks like someone is going to have a lot of fun soon. ;)
  9. i vote for a speedy too. congrats!
  10. Whooooooooo!!! How exciting! Get something special, big or small, that you think you'll keep for a long while. It would be fun to buy something in the exciting newness of a brand new store!
  11. Where in Florida are you?...just curious
  12. Great idea! :yes:
  13. That is fabulous!!! I wish I had one closer too!!!
  14. Have fun!
  15. I share your joy!!! So nice 2 have an LV close 2 home. Having boutiques nearby is probably a big reason I'll never leave California. ha ha.

    As for your 1st purchase, I would go for something majorly luxe :graucho:.