Im So Excited!!i Got The Last Pair Of These!!!

  1. [​IMG]MY NM SA just called..been looking for these brown ballerinas EVERYWHERE......GOT THE LAST PAIR IN MY SIZE in all NM stores!WOOHOO! cant wait..hope they fit too..cuz they ran small and I bought a 9 instead of an 8 1/2..CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!!!
  2. Forgot to say they are the DIOR western Ballerinas..SO PRETTY!!!!
  3. I was eyeing those! Congrats they're wicked cute
  4. You lucky girl!! Congrats! :smile:
  5. congrats...they are cute...
  6. Ooooh *jealous* they'll look great on you!
  7. Oh yay! You finally got them! congrats!
  8. LOVE these, I can't wait to hear if you love them once they're on!
  9. Jill, those are SO cute!! congrats on the last pair...meant to be! :nuts:
  10. love them Jill. Remember we wear the same size. LOL.
  11. Are you here just to torture me?!?! I wanted and still want these shoes soo badly!!! you have no idea :girlsigh:
  12. Those are unbelievably cute and I'll bet extremely comfortable!! :shame: :heart: PLEASE post pics of you wearing them!
  13. They are cute. I tried a pair of Tod's similar to the Diors over the weekend. I just don't get the curling thing. That gets on my nerves.

    Ruby saves the day again huh?
  14. I have been looking for these as well in ANY color - congrats!
  15. ^ DIor store in Short Hills,NJ has them in black.