I'm so excited...I finally got a STAM!!!!

  1. I have been wanting a Stam for ages and finally I got one today!

    I went to Selfridges in London and at first thought that I was silly as there were so many bags on sale, the Edith was half price, but was too big for me and none of the sale bags were very nice, besides this is the one I have been wanting for ages!

    Anyway, I drove the SA mad looking at about 20 bags before I chose mine, some of them had a dark lining but mine had a cream canvas lining with gold nameplate. The inside tab says perm 197 and I was told this was the latest.

    All the bags had the straps in plastic inside them. Some had my buckle thing that attaches the chain others had the other style

    They all had grey ish stitching.

    Just wondering, which season is mine? Is it the old gold buckle thing?

    Also, what is icy leather that I have read about as they all seemed to have the same leather!! Also, some had the same lining as mine but had the other buckle! They said mine was definitely the latest!


  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
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  6. Congrats your patience is paid off!
  7. it's beautiful!
    congrats and enjoy:smile:!
  8. What a gorgeous bag--congrats!!
  9. Thank you! Just wondering, do yours have squeaky handles?
  10. Does anyone know about the latch? Is mine the old one? They said it was the newest stock, they did have some with the other latch but they were also the same lining. I chose mine because it was the nicest colour, leather etc but now I am really upset as I think I should have got one with the other latch as no one else seems to have mine. Is mine a really old not popular one?
  11. ^ Gorgeous Bag...congrats!
  12. Congrats! your stam is nice, and I think this batch of black stam is the latest as not many people got them yet. another tpfer - rorosity might be getting the same batch of black stam as yours. you can check out this thread : http://forum.purseblog.com/marc-jacobs/just-got-my-black-stam-from-saks-and-152317.html

    Dont worry too much and enjoy your new purse! :tup:everyone has own preferences, your stam is gorgeous with the lighter thread stiching and beige inner lining. ;) personally, i prefer the S/S07 version of black stam, the one with dark khaki lining. :yes::heart:
  13. I do think we have the same batch of bags. I have no idea what type of leather this is...I would love to see photos of the icy, nappa, etc., side by side to see the difference. In the photos, the stitching looks grey, but IRL it is black and the same color as the bag. Here is a photo of my bag:

  14. Based on the grey stitching I believe your bag is from Fall 2006. Congrats.
  15. Mine is definitely grey stitching, they all were, even the ones with the khaki lining!

    Rorosity: Does yours have the same latch as mine? Also, I checked and a few others had the same PERM 197 tab inside, maybe we have the latest! Also, they all seemed to have the same leather, the same as the banana hobos