I'm so excited! I am getting my HG!

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  1. I've just started collecting RM and the one bag that lured me in was the wine MAM. I know that Catalina was taking orders, but when I emailed her, they didn't have quite enough for another run, so I thought I'd have to settle for a different wine bag. Luckily, I found a seller who has a bnwt wine mam that they were willing to part with! I paid this am and it will be here later this week! Now, my collection is perfect (or at least until the fall colors come- LOL).

    My little rm family includes:

    Blue/grey matinee with silver hardware
    tangy mam
    black basketweave mam (on its way from FLL)
    wine mam (on its way from my "angel" seller!)

    I am so excited! Once I have all the bags in my possession I will post an RM family pic!
  2. Yaaaayyyyyyy I am glad that this will complete your collection. I definitely want to see your collection when it arrives!! :P
  3. thats so sweet! Congrats!
  4. congrats!
    You have a nice collection..

    sailornep5- Did u keep your wine mam?
  5. Are you the "angel" ;)
  6. hmmm........:angel:
  7. Aawww an original wine MAM congrats! And that was so sweet of that angel (whoever it is... ;)) to help you with acquire your HG!
  8. That is so great that you found your HG:yahoo:!!!! Enjoy her in wonderful health and please post some pics for us.
  9. Awesome!! Congrats, you don't have to wait the additional 8 weeks now! :smile:
  10. Congratulations! You will LOVE this bag! it is one of my all time favorites!
  11. addicted!! congrats! Let me know how you like your wine mam... I've had mine for about 2 weeks now and the more I use it, the better the leather gets... My love for it grows everyday! :love:

    and omg it's like we're twins!! look at my bags:

    blue/grey matinee
    wine mam
    tangy mam
    black basketweave mab.

    how weird is that??!!!!! :tup:
  12. CONGRATS!!! Wine is sooo beautiful!!
  13. Oooh, I'm so jealous! The Wine MAM is awesome. I've been lusting after it for a while. Congrats! Enjoy your "heavenly" bag!
  14. How cool! I really love all of RM's bags, but feel that this mix gives me a good variety of colors. Of course, I will probably need to add a green in the fall :shame:
  15. Congratulations on finding your HG bag! It will make a lovely addition to the family!:smile: