I'm so excited for the arrival of...

  1. My brand-new 2005 METALLIC pink first!!! :heart: :wlae: I can't wait. I have been craving a metallic for awhile now. I think someone on the forum said that their metallic was one of the few bags that makes them smile every time they take it out of its dustbag :P . I totally get that!

    I hope the color is not too close to white meaning I hope it has enough pink in it! Anyways, just wanted to share my excitement.

    pics! pics! pics!
  3. Aw, you got hold of a metallic pink? *Jealous* I'd love to see pics of it when you get it!
  4. woop woop NEW BAG DAY!!!
  5. Congrats and yes pics please!
  6. Congratulations and definately pics!!!:yes:
  7. Hooray!! :nuts: Can't wiat for your pics!
  8. Wow! Congrats...can'y wait to see pics
  9. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon::cutesy: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
    let's celebrate ur purchase!