I'm so excited - first Vernis!

  1. Okay - I had gone to the boutique yesterday to get my first venis piece - the 4 key holder in candy apple red (the new one) and the SA talked me into monogram 6 key holder - to be practical. I was sad all the way home. I went back this morning, exchanged it for the bling, bright red shiny thing I really wanted. It's silly to be excited about something so small, but it's the point of it - It's like saying - I'm not old! I still like bling! I still deserve bling! I bought a bright the bright red bra I was thinking about too. So there!

    Seriously, you have to buy something in this color - The pictures don't begin to do it justice. It's a little something, inexpensive (relatively, for LV of course) - that just makes me smile!!!!
  2. yay for you and your vernis and your hot bra! hubba hubba!
  3. I'm getting ready to go play the piano (I play in a restaurant on Saturday nights) and I make look conservative . . . but ! Hifinn - It was you that talked me into going for it. (I did feel a little strange at the funeral I had to play the organ for this afternoon - LOL!) Thanks Hifinn!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. I love the color!! It is beautiful. Congrats on your new purchase.
  6. you're welcome! but YOU wanted it! you can call me heather btw.
  7. You GO, girl! Congratulations - that's great!!!:wlae:
  8. Congrats!The new red vernis is beautiful,enjoy your purchase.
  9. Hubba... C-mom! Enjoy your Vernis & red hot bra...

  10. Awwwh I adore your reasoning. You do deserve shiny! Congrats on your buy, I'm sure it'll brighten up any purse. :biggrin:
  11. Way to go....
  12. I love Vernis! I plan to buy a piece this year. I can't wait. Enjoy your new shiny baby!:lol:
  13. yay!!i love the vernis line!
  14. Great combo....red vernis and red bra!! :yes: I hope you enjoy both of your new purchases!! ;)
  15. Congrats...I'm glad you went back and bought it!