I'm so excited--employee discount!

  1. I just posted this on the eBay board but remembered they're mostly LV gals over there.

    My brother's friend just started working for our local Burberry store. She said if I want anything, let her know the item number and she'll use her employee discount. 40% off!!!
  2. wow, lucky you!
  3. 40%- Congrats!!!
  4. lucky you! :tup:
  5. Is that how much they get! WOW, I am going to need to get me a job there!
  6. that's awesome!
  7. great!!
  8. Wow NICE.Congrats
  9. That's so awesome- my friend's mom is the manager of a Nordstroms and she gets some really great stuff!
  10. Do Nordstrom managers get more than 20% discount? I normally use a friend's Nordstrom's 20% discount when I'm dying to get a purse.
  11. managers get 40%.
  12. :shocked: I'm gonna encourage my friend to aspire to manager level at Nordies.
  13. Blimey!

    I live a mile away from the Burberry Factory Outlet in the UK, and I never even realised that their handbags were so popular.

    I must visit the outlet again soon and see what they have as the items there are usually 70% cheaper than in the stores.
  14. Wow.

  15. :wtf: I am so jealous.