I'm so excited....email from gucci

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  1. I'm finally getting my bag...I've been on the waiting list....what a surprise today to see that.............It's the new britt black fabric ....2nd bag in 2 months.....that's it for a while:girlsigh:
  2. Wooooo Hooooooo congrats!!! :woohoo: Post pics when it arrives!
  3. Yay! Cant wait to see pics! Love the britt!
  4. Congrats! Post pics if you can.
  5. Thanks ......I will post pic's of my very small collection soon....
  6. Congrats! we love to see pics -when you get the bag.
  7. Congrats jewl!!! can't wait to see pics of your new bag and your collection!!! ;)
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics!
  9. congratulations!
  10. JEWL4JOE: Did you get your bag already? Im still waiting for mine.. Now my problem is when it gets delivered, my husband is on a business trip ( he works from home) and so he wont be able to sign for my package. And Im at work when it arrives.. so now Im worried! :sad:( Help! I emailed gucci already and am still waiting for their reply.. Im not sure if UPS leaves a -sorry-we-missed-you-note...
  11. If signature is required for the package, then UPS will leave a note for you to collect at their location. They may try to deliver the next day. Just follow the instruction on the note.
  12. thanks.. the UPS guy went to our place yesterday and left a note, I forced DH to stay home all day today so that he can wait for it and now, when I checked the tracking that was sent by Gucci,, it says delivered and my DH signed for it! Can't wait to go home and check it!!! ( 30mins to go till i go home!!):woohoo::wlae: