I'm so excited, and celebrating with TWO turquoise Bbags!!!

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  1. Today, my publisher called and I went and picked up the FIRST copy of my FIRST book!!! :yahoo: Almost 500 pages of blood (cuts from papers), sweat (oh yes) and tears (a time or two)!!! :yes: It's not a Grisham, just a legal volume but I'm so excited!!!

    Ok I'll stop with the "!!!" So I decided to treat myself... these two beauties are crossing an ocean probably right now... smooth, thick, smooshy leather, exactly how I like it, in my favorite color:





    :love::love: (pics by hgbags, thank you!)

    Thank you for letting me share!!!
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  2. Congrats on your book and on your new purchases!!!!
  3. Congratulations on your book, what an amazing accomplishment!!!!

    And I think you are celebrating perfectly, your two new turquoises are gorgeous! :love:
  4. Wow, they're gorgeous!! What yummy treats!! But more importantly, congrats on your book!! :tup:
  5. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!! That is SO exciting (both the book and purses).

    It would be really cool if you could inform us when your book is released :smile:

    I myself am hoping to be published one day...children's books. And when that day comes, I'll def be running right over to get a few Bal beauties!!!

    But congratulations! SO COOL! :nuts:
  6. congrats on your book and your new b-bags!!!!! gorgeous :yes:
  7. congrats on your book and the new bags!!!!!! :drinkup:
  8. It'll be in stores next week, I'm actually nervous, not that anyone's going to buy it but who knows right? :sweatdrop:

    Thank you all!!!
  9. what lovely choices - and CONGRATS on the book! that's amazing news!
  10. That's an accomplishment worthy of these two beauties. Congratulations on the bags, but more importantly on the book! We can't wait to hear all about it next week.
  11. Congratulations! How fantastic! Is it legal fiction or a treatise on a particular subject? Being an attorney, I'm always on the lookout for a new read.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous bags SofF! :heart:
  12. Congrats on your book!!! May I know the title?? I will definitely pick one up!!

    Now, Congrats on your beautiful Day and Work!!! HOw did you get that work!! I am dying over here...
  13. congrats on your FIRST book!!!!:flowers: and beautiful Bbags..:tup:
  14. Thank you ladies!!! :heart:

    Just don't get all excited fellow lawyers, the book is a legal treatise, but in German, even though it does have a comparative law approach (I'm including U.S. law)... ;)
  15. I'm sure it'll be awesome!
    If you feel comfortable enough, it would be cool if we could know what the book title is, and then purchase one :smile: