I'm so envious!

  1. As I browsed through and drooled over all the lovely Bbags here, I've decided that one of my favorite Balenciaga colors is the Rouge Theater. At first I thought I liked the Rouge VIF, but the Rouge Theater just has a nice darker tone to it which I :heart: . Now that I've realized what one of my dream bags is, I can't find it :crybaby: . Has anyone seen one anywhere? I would die to have one in the City or Twiggy. I just saw a PFer mention someone getting a Rouge Theater Twiggy BIN'ed for $625 :wtf: (or $650) on eBay. My jaws almost dropped.

    I am so envious of the ladies who have a Rouge Theater City/Twiggy! :drool: I am scared that I may never find one :sad: .
  2. Don't worry, you will find one. keep your eye on eBay and always ask the ladies here to authenticate for you. Also try and save a bit more if you really want to get it, you might have to pay a bit more than retail but you Never know you also might get a deal! Theres a red on eBay now but not sure what red it is.

    Good Luck!!