I'm so embarrassed, but what is a 'drilldown'??

  1. Thanks so much..
  2. Don't be embarrassed...
    I didn't know how to use the drilldown when I first got here too, & now I'm authenticating bags LOL

    You really learn so much from tPF...best ladies and gents here EVER!
  3. Does the drilldown only show the bags in one color? And is there any way to find out what season something is from? Thanks!!!
  4. bumping this up because drilldown is all over the board now adays
  5. Don't be embarrassed! I'm glad you asked. I know what it is, but I don't know how to get there...anyone have a link?
  6. Here is another link for item # 11349

    you click this link:


    and you'll have this site


    change the style# where the arrow is pointing to, oh let's say 40924


    there you go,, fun of drilldown! :p

    ETA: Forgot to say you need to hit ENTER or the arrow key on your browser after you typed in the #.
    drilldown.jpg drilldown2.jpg
  7. I follow the links always and nothing happen... I don't know how do it.
  8. Really? Do you happen to have a pop up blocker? :shrugs: You should be able to click the link I provided and should be able to change the style # on your address bar.

  9. Don't be embarrassed!! I did not know what it was either when I first joined either, but I have quickly discovered that this site is a plethora of useful and relevant info.!! You can learn more here than if you take a trip to your local Coach store, guaranteed!! Most people here are extremely nice and are more than willing to help if you have any questions or concerns. Just jump right in, and don't ever be afraid to ask anything at all! :tup:
  10. Oh Thank you! I will try to do it know! :tup: