I'm so disappointed

  1. I ordered a black Alexander McQueen Novak bag online back in January. Paying for it was a pain because my credit card company screwed up and I ended up having to run to the bank (literally--I ran through town like a maniac to get to there before it closed at 5pm) to wire the money to the online seller before they cancelled my order. I thought all was fine and that I would be receiving the bag anyday now--I even woke up early this morning so that I would be ready for the FEDEX guy who generally comes super early.

    Well, today I got an email from the seller informing me that they haven't sent it yet and that the bag (the last one left in black) has a defect. The bag was apparently stored incorrectly with the handles down, which resulted in the handles leaving a permanent mark or impression on both the front and back of the bag.
    It would have been nice to know that BEFORE I wired them the money. :hysteric:

    I am sooooo bummed. I've been expecting this bag for a few weeks, thinking that I would receive it by my birthday, which was last week. To make things worse, my boyfriend is totally unsympathetic, saying that that was too much to spend on a bag anyway. Nonetheless, I really want this bag, in black, and I can't find it at such a good price anywhere else (it's 50 percent off because it's not the current season).

    I figure I can cancel my order, get reimbursed, and then wait for the bag to go on sale at Net-a-Porter, but does anyone know how sales work at NAP? Is there any way of knowing if the the bag will go on sale there? Or has anyone seen a black Novak on sale anywhere??

    ETA: sorry for the long post
  2. Dev, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with the Novak.
    I was wondering if you had received it.

    Are the impressions very noticeable? Can you get an additional discount? Some stores offer an additional % off because of defects. That is not fair that they did not mention this before you sent them the money. That's sneaky! :cursing: And very misleading.

    I hope others can help with the NAP questions...I have never bought from them.
  3. Thanks Gr8heart. Yes, the impressions made by the handles seem quite distinct in the picutres they sent me today (I would post them, but they are on a PDF sheet, and I can't copy it). They didn't mention reducing the price, and even if they did, I don't know that I want an imperfect bag (even if it is 50 percent off, it's still not cheap). I really hope that they'll give me a full refund, but I'm starting to worry that they actually did this on purpose and will say that they can't refund me (it now seems suspicious that they have picutres on their site of most of the other color Novak's they have for sale, but don't have one up of the black one).

    I don't know. I will call them first thing tomorrow (it's already too late here to call tonight). Please keep your fingers crossed that they won't cheat me!

    I just want a nice Novak bag, I didn't think it would be this complicated. :sad:
  4. ^^ I am sorry this has happened - I just had a similar story, where I wanted something and it turned out to be a nightmare. I think, in my case, too good to be true sort of covers it....

    I hope you get this sorted out, and find your nice Novak bag.