I'm so disappointed...

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  1. I bought this lovely pair of Donald J Pliner wedges from NM online. I bought them when they had the extra 20% off sale. When I got them, I walked around for awhile in my house and they were comfortable. I even went and ordered another color before the extra 20% off sale was over. I wore them today to work and oh my goodness....they tore my feet apart. The two parts I circled in the picture is where I endured all the pain. It dug into my skin as I walked. They look cute on, but I am dreading wearing them again. I am definitely returning the other pair when they come. I only wish I could find a way to wear them without the pain.
  2. Awww so sorry! It's probably b/c as the top part stretches, the sides (the areas you circled) are rubbing back and forth against your skin. Maybe next time you can wear bandaid on your feet where the leather rubs against you.
  3. ^ I'm guessing that's why they hurt also. That's a shame though. Maybe if you're lucky they'll stretch with time and not hurt anymore?
  4. Where the leather was rubbing on my skin is now bubbly like when you get burned.
  5. ugh! Maybe they're defective?
  6. I read this as the leather is bubbly, but I think what you meant is your skin is bubbly, right? ;) That's normal - it's blistering now (your skin, that is).
  7. Sorry for the confusion, it was my skin that was bubbly.
  8. Ouch. Try either that Band-Aid blister block stick (it really works!) or those gel strips you stick inside shoes that rub.
  9. they might soften up. Shoes can be weird. I have had shoes that seemed comfy and then tore my feet up in just one spot and others that hurt at first and then softened up and were fine.