I'm so disappointed

  1. I recently posted a thread asking for advice on which bag (Neverfull PM or Illovo PM) to pick up from NYC this weekend as a birthday present for myself. Well, I came home empty handed.

    My DH didn't like the Neverfull because of the thin straps and no zipper. As for the Illovo PM, I went to 3 LVs and was told it has been discontinued. I came home tonight to check on an eBay listing and found out I only had 36 seconds left to bid on a brand new bucket, I thought the auction was going to end tomorrow.

    I guess I am not meant to get a new LV right now. I am so upset. Sorry for the ranting, I just need some listening ears. I'm sure my husband don't want to hear about it anymore.
  2. aww i'm so sorry :sad: but that doesn't sound right, about the illovo being discontinued. you should try locating one from another boutique.
  3. Give them a call at 866-vuitton sometimes they can locate even a discontinued item at another boutique and have it brought in for you.
  4. Yes, call 866. They'll locate one for you and ship it to you.
  5. Don't give up just yet. Try calling stores in your area and 1-866, too, to find your bag. If the bag you want is indeed discontinued --- don't worry, there are so many more LV bags to choose from. Go to louisvuitton.com or eluxury.com and see if there is another bag that catches your eye. You are most definitely destined to get an LV bag! Good luck!
  6. That sucks! But don't give up!
  7. Sometimes, when it is so hard to attain something, it just means that THE RIGHT ONE hasn't come along yet. Yeah, I know, karma moony moony stuff, but it's true! :smile:
  8. aww, i'm sorry :sad:. I hope you find something soon!
  9. I sure hope you can still find an Illovo! If not, I'm sure one is going to pop up on eBay soon. ;)
  10. ^^^ she's right ... do that and good luck:flowers:
  11. discontinued!? seriously? wow... i just got mine back in march... it was my first LV piece & now it's discontinued?? bummed....lol... I love mine, don't look for it on eBay anytime soon... !

    good luck with 866!
  12. There are plenty more to choose from. I'm sure you will find another which you will love....
  13. I'm so sorry, that sucks! Id do what the other ladies said and call the 866

    I hope you can find it! You are meant to have an LV!
  14. :tup:As of tonight, Eluxury has the pm in stock! Are you in the USA?
  15. I'm sure you'll find THE purse for you....hopefully soon!