I'm so disappointed!

  1. I had pre-ordered a Tano Stevie Kicks in blue lagoon. It was supposed to be a french blue and it sounded gorgeous. I just got an e-mail that Tano cancelled it because they couldn't get the leather! I am SOOOO upset!:crybaby: Does anybody know of a bag that might be sort of the same color blue (even turquoise) that I can drown my sorrows in?
  2. aaw, i'm so sorry to hear that :sad:
    but i can only suggest u if u want to get the best coloured leather bags, go for balenciaga
  3. A little less pricey than Balenciaga might be Bulga. Their satin blue studded bag is simply gorgeous. It's getting a little harder to find, but bagshop still has them, I think.
  4. Ask TanoExpert, she may be able to help you. :yes:
  5. sorry!
    will look around.
  6. I have the Bulga pudding tote in a turqoise color of blue-it's gorgeous! There is also a brand called ABRO that is made in Germany that has a beautiful royal blue leather. http://www.abrotaschen.de/products.php
  7. Oops, here is one of the ABRO bags!
  8. I like that Abro bag. Where can you get them in the States?

  9. Believe it or not I bought mine at TJ MAAX. But I can link you to their site. I don't know if you can buy there or not.
    You could check at some of the TJ Maax stores around your area.:yes:
  10. :yes: :yes: :yes: