I'm so disappointed! Why do stores do this?

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  1. This weekend Holt Renfrew (Canadian version of Barneys, NM, Saks) had a 25% sale so last weekend I went down to reserve my first BBag, a Tabac Sienna FIRST, I was so excited that I didn't inspect it thoroughly before tell the SA to reserve it for me. I've been so excited all week long to pick it up.

    When I arrived, I asked for my bag and when I took it out of the dustbag to examine it, I couldn't believe my eyes, the BBAG was so heavily scratched up, several scratches that are the size of nickel and bigger. I mean for that price, I expect perfection, right?

    One thing I don't understand is why these gorgeous bags are all left on the shelves in the open for everyone to touch and handle.

    The SA said she will ask the manager tomorrow to see what kind of discount I can get on it. I mean for me to buy it, it has to be more than todays 25%.

    Sorry, I have to vent. I felt that my balloon has been popped.
  2. please post in Shopping sub
  3. Oh my gosh fantastic! I was speaking to you yesterday regarding the sale, right? And I mentioned that my hubby bought me a day. Well, upon closer inspection today, I noticed that it had a couple of scuffs already, the mirror had glue across it and the handle had a spot where it had no colour - just white! Can you believe that? So I went back to try to get it exchanged, my hubby not at his happiest but complied nonetheless, the only day they had had this loose thread off the side! So, I was like, umm...sorry, NOT at this price would I settle for less! I understand completely what you're going thru! It's so frustrating!
  4. But in Holt's defense, they were very accommodating in making me happy. They have good staff, IMO.
  5. Now they are going to try and find me another identical one and will still honour the 25%. Keep you posted.
  6. I think I saw one at Yorkdale today...good luck!