I'm So Disappointed Right Now!!

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  1. Well here is the latest on the status of the Totally Turnlock Bowler situation. Alot of you know that I ordered one in the black color from Zappos Oct. 5th. I received an email from Zappos that evening stating that they were going to upgrade my shipping to one business day and that I would receive the bag the next day (Oct. 6th). Well I still haven't received it!! There was no tracking info, but it said that it was shipped. Finally I called them tonight and the lady said that it was never shipped out because there was no Bowler available. I was so MAD. She said she was sorry for the inconvience and if I wanted, they would credit me..DUH!! I told "YES, credit me." She said next time I order something to take $25 off the item and gave me a code. I was so excited to get this bag that I watched out for the UPS guy everyday since I ordered it. Just had to share my ordeal with you guys :crybaby: .
  2. ACK!! Wth?!?

    Hey... maybe a package will appear on your doorsteps in the next few days!

    But if not, I'm so sorry =(( Are you going to try to order it somewhere else now?
  3. If I can find one online, I am Jen. I'm so pissed off!! I really wanted this bag.
  4. I'm soooooo sorry to hear that, I'll help you find another Black Bowler online. WBB. =)
  5. Thanks bag.lover!! Maybe I will get the red. But darnit, I have like three red bags in my closet. ARRGGHHH!! I don't know what to do.
  6. I am so sorry missy.. That's awful!! I don't understand how something like that could happen?!! Oyy... :sad::sad::sad:
  7. ^Thanks Audrey. I don't know either. When I ordered it, they said they had one left *which I got*, but guess not. Darn them!!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear this, missy. I'm surprised to hear this about zappos. They're usually so good. The only bowlers I've seen are what bag.lover has already posted. If I see a black one, I'll let you know.
  9. ^Thanks a bunch abaglover. I think I should stick to my original choice color Black because I have no black bags in my purse collection yet. Let me know if you find out anything guys.
  10. Sorry to hear that missypoo, i know you have been looking forward to the black bowler...but the brown one looks good too :smile:
    you can use the 20% coupon to get it from activeendeavors.com and they also have free shipping.
  11. Aww no fair! I'm sorry to read this update from you. I hope you can still get your hands on one!!
  12. Darn!! I waited to long and now it's gone at Active Endeavors. Boo hoo!!