im so desperate...i want this bag!

  1. OrangeMe - Shop Chic! look at this following's a bag from d&g.for me IT'S TO DIE FOR! about a week ago,sumbody has bought this bag! (i dunno why i still can view this page but at the main catagories,this bag's already taken off frm the site.)I JUST CANT STOP FEELING TERRIBLE THAT I DIDNT MAKE IT IN TIME.IT"S JUST $880!!!!!So im here to ask anybody if u know there's any good deal for this bag.I REALLY WANT IT!thx
  2. I just bid on this bag from Orange Me when they put it on eBay (no I didn't win it). :crybaby: I love it.
  3. YES??? Me too! LOLwell,,,nobody has won...they mailed me and said that sumone has just bought it already.... V_V
  4. Very feminine looking bag.
  5. Wow, that's a gorgeous bag !

    I'd assume that's a good price, just because it seems to be a rarer bag.
  6. Tdf!
  7. what a nice bag!!!! I really hope you can still find it!!!
  8. Beautiful! Hopefully you'll find it soon!
  9. that's a nice bag... the price is nice as well.. hehe
  10. I bought this bag in red leather. :smile:
  11. So pretty!
  12. THE RED ONE'S GORGEOUS TOO! I LUV IT BOTH! just fall in luv with the soft!
  13. It doesn't look fake to me. I was comparing it with the Orange Me listing and the runway model's purse looks flat like that too.