I'm so depressed

  1. All i wanted was the Denim Stripe Tote.

    I swear I have OCD, or some type of "nothing makes me happy" syndrome because the first tote i had I exchanged because it had a snag on the stripe. So i exchanged it for a second one (i checked every bag they had in the store), and this second bag is perfect on the outside but i don't like the way the colors line up on the inside (also, i love the light blue stripe and this new bag hardly has it at all, whereas the first bag was almost perfect). it's almost ugly inside to me.

    Anyway, I wasn't happy with the first, and try as I might i'm not happy with the second either. I don't want to go back to the store a third time to return it, so i am just going to try selling it on eBay. They look like they're selling as long as the prices are below retail.

    anyway, i'm sure you're all sick of my drama by now, but this was the only place i knew to vent.

    This bag is beautiful, but i just can't be satisfied, which makes me really mad at myself. I don't know why i'm so picky- it's really stupid. i would go to another Coach store but the next closest one is 1 1/2 hours away, I already checked the local Nordstrom's and the Macy's around here don't carry Coach.


    I just needed to vent. I'm so sad about all this. I know that sounds stupid. well, yah, thanks if you've actually read this far. And again, i'm sorry for taking up so much forum time on this.

  2. girl, when you are spending the kind of money Coach purses cost, you are not being unreasonable by wanting it to be EXACTLY the way you envision. Maybe you should try for another style? I really hope you can find something that makes you happy, instead of anxious. Good luck!
  3. please do not let purses make you sad

    this is supposed to be fun

    dont voluntarily spend your hard earned money on something that makes you sad
  4. Don't be. Just go back to the Coach store you got it from. You shouldn't have to lose money on eBay because you feel embarassed! Look at all the bags in your store to find the right one!
  5. Don't be sad or embarrassed. You're paying good money for a great product AND customer service. Trot right back to the boutique, talk to your SA and say hey, I'm not happy with this bag. That's what they're THERE for, to help! :yes: I'm sure they've had customers that are WAY more trouble than you are. LOL ;)

    Maybe you're just caught up in the hype of feeling like you HAVE to buy something during the PCE? :shrugs:

    Wait until you find a bag that you love love LOVE, discount or not. No sense being only 75% happy.

    I'll bet any one of us has been in a similar situation, whether it be handbags, clothing, cars, jewelry, whatever. :flowers:

    Don't sell it on eBay, that's just a pain in the rear LOL. We'll all be with you in spirit when you go back to the boutique tomorrow morning!!

  6. This is a smart girl, listen to her! :yes:

    Please don't feel embarrassed about bringing it back again. Plenty of women want there bag to be just right and do the same thing. As long as you are pleasant and bring a bag back in good condition, the SA's will be very understanding. Coach wants you to be happy.
  7. Please don't feel embarrassed. You should be happy with your bag. Even if you have to compare 5 bags to pick the one you like best, you can do it. Go to the boutique and very politely, ask them to show you all the bags they have in stock They will. It's not uncommon for someone to ask them to do that. There ARE other women who are exactly the way you are. It is their job to make you happy. I mean, that's why we buy Coach bags in the first place right? To make us happy?
  8. :okay: Thanks! I'm also wondering the outcome? Did you get to go back yet?
  9. do not feel sad and absolutely do not feel stupid.
    You spent you hard earned money on the bag. You should be a 100% happy.
  10. HAHA. I bet there are alot of Coach girls on here who are the same way and are just not admitting it! I returned a small denim tote last week because the stripes on the lining were off. When the lining was cut and sewn in it ended up that 2 white stripes met at the seam. So I had one fat white stripe. ICK! I looked at 5 and they wouldnt bring out anymore than that. they suck. So I exchanged it for the next size denim tote and its perfect, perfect, perfect.
  11. I want my bags close to perfect too there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you feel. Keep searching for a bag in the condition you want it in. ***Hugs***
  12. I know she's gotta be right!

    I am sure they won't look down on you for having higher standards - YOU SHOULD!

    Let us know how it works out
  13. Don't be embarrassed....

    It should be the way you want it to be...

    Have you taken the tags off? If you haven't used it, take it bag and get your money back if at all possible.

    One thing that really helps me when I can't find the right bag is thinking about why my dream bag would be like...For example:

    1. How will I use it? Everyday/work, etc?
    2. Does it have to be shoulder/hand carry/both?
    3. Zip top or open?

    Spending time thinking about what I really like and DON'T like helps me find a bag suited for me.

    As for the lines not being straight, if it bothers you, you shouldn't spend money on it, and there's nothing wrong with that! I hope you find something you love!:yes:
  14. I have to say I am the SAME way....I check out 3-4 bags in the boutique, bring one home, decide there is "something wrong w/ it that I dont like", then I bring it back and ask to see a few more! The SA's ALWAYS look at me kinda wierd, but hey! These bags are EXPENSIVE and we should be VERY happy!!!! DONT be embarrassed at all! Also, you could do what my g/f (who has OCD like us!!!! LOL) does...she has her husband RETURN the bag so she isnt there in front of them, and then she goes in and buys the SAME bag but checks out the ENTIRE stock they will bring out to her before choosing another one same style :smile: This way your husband/boyfriend/Dad/Mom, etc (get it???) is actually returning it, and you are just there purchasing another one for either you OR somebody else....they dont care if you purchase another one! They will be happy to assist you! I say GO to the boutique if it's close to your house and just buy another one!!!! Sit in the back of the store w/ all the bags they will bring out to you and go through all them and weed out the ones you dont like, etc....you will feel much better b/c you will have the bag you love, w/ nothing wrong w/ it at all!! Good luck and let me know how you do! I bet you will find one you LOVE today!!!!
  15. Did You Go??? Did You Go??? Lolol...i'm In Waiting To Hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!