I'm so depressed...need advice!

  1. So I just went to Saks.com and saw that they the Christian Louboutin Fishnet slingbacks on sale for $255! They're originally $640. I've been dying for a pair of these shoes, but I can't justify spending $640 on a pair of shoes...a purse yes, but not on shoes. Anyway they're sold out!!! I called customer service and he said they didn't have anything in stock. Do they put the inventory back on their website if someone returned a pair? I checked Neimans and Bergdorf and they didn't have them either. Where else should I look? Thanks!
  2. if you really want them, I suggest you called the stores one by one (my friend got a bag by this way last year). the store is quite different from on-line. It doesn't help by asking the customer service to do in-store locate for you. good luck!
  3. Call Barneys NY (NYC store) -- they should still have a few sizes left. As long as they have one size remaining, a SA should be able to scan the box and do a locator search for you (for your size). Ask for the "Mlle Marchand" black fishnet slingbacks. I don't recall the exact sale price now but it's a pretty good deal (although probably still a bit expensive than Saks's marked-down price). Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the advice ladies! I'm on hold w/my local Saks store and I have the shoes in my shopping cart on Barney's website. They're about $100 more at Barney's...but still a good deal. :smile:
  5. Ok I just got off the phone w/Saks and they had the shoe and he is holding it for me! YAY!! Thank you so much for the advice!!! :wlae: