I'm so depressed, my love for bags is going...

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  1. The love is not there anymore....Normally I post in the Louis Vuitton forum, but I have had several depressing events happen to me that makes me question Louis Vuitton. Most of my collection consist of Louis Vuitton. I did have a couple of Hermes Birkins(just 2) and Chanel totes. Sadly in my excitement about Louis Vuitton I sold my Hermes. Now I am not feeling "the love" for my Louis. I used to get so excited every morning cause I would have to decide which bag to use that day (I never use the same bag, change them each day). Now I cant even do that. I want to feel the love again, I just dont know how. I am thinking of starting a new collection of purses. Some other designer...but who? What is stylish, chic, and timeless like Louis Vuitton? I feel so depressed I honestly feel like crying. My DH bought me the Damier Azur speedy, I dont even want to touch it. Sadly I hurt his feeling by not using it. He asked what other bags could he get for me, but I dont know. Please ladies....what am I to do? I want to love bags again. Should I buy a different designer? If so what do you recommend. Price is not a problem so please feel free to make any suggestions. Thanks and sorry for this long rant. I have no where else to turn too...
  2. I can't suggest any other designers for you but I think that maybe you need a break. No buying. DOn't change bags for a while,etc. I go through every few years and tend to use one bag for a few weeks and even avoid going into bag boutiques and the bag section of dept store. Then one day I wil see a bag in a catalog, on someone etc and I will be hit again and the love is renewed.

    It's like anything. If you love Spagetti and eat i everyday, eventually you will lose that. The only thing I can say is that take a small break. It may help more than you know.

  3. drop by the balenciaga forum! you'll become crack addicts like the rest of us there! or maybe take a break?
  4. I went out shopping the other day to use my coach pce and before I did I wanted to look at other purses to make sure I was getting what I really wanted. What I noticed about myself is nothing is making me feel very happy. I was wondering what makes this purse cost so much and it is just a bag...6 months ago I would have been in heaven. I don't know if because I buy so many bags or if my thoughts are changing. I own 31 bags different brands and such. I feel like why are some of these brands so expensive when the quality is not so great. I have bought Marc Jacobs, coach, LV, kate Spade, Cole Haan and a few others. I just don't feel the love...maybe it's the time of the year. I don't know I never thought I would be so unhappy about my purses. I think maybe I buy so I don't have to wait and therefore they aren't as important to me...I don't know but I may stop buying till that one thing comes along to make me feel that feeling again.
  5. i guess i am going through the same phase .i kept buying bags for some time and all of a sudden i wonder why i spent so much on designer bags .whether u have a designer or a ordinary bag who will know other than yourself.All the ordinary bags also look as if they cost a lot and the bags these days are so faked ,who is to know ,then why spend so much on designers.
    I have a designer nappa bag and also a leather bag which was given out as complements and that one is more soft than the nappa leather and it also is leather .so who knows the difference then:sad:
  6. yeah..I hear you. thank you for your advice:smile:
  7. I think alot of us go through this phase. I just do know anymore. I think I am letting this feeling affect my everyday mood...do you know what I mean?
  8. What if you went for something just totally different from what you normally wear? If you like timeless, why not go for something really trendy?
  9. Aww I don't really have any advice for ya, but I LOVE your ADORABLE chihuahua in your avatar!! :smile:
  10. oh, I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling down.

    Without going into a whole psyche. thing, I went on a buying spree after my miscarriage two months ago. As you say, the love is gone.

    But as others say, a break might be good. I know sometimes I anticipate something so much that once I have it, it's never as good as I built it up to be.

    Hope you find peace, in whatever makes you happy.


  11. i'm totally with fayden
  12. What would be considered really trendy? I'm going through one of those "air head" moments when I cant decide, or just cant get a clue. Its kinda frustrating...

  13. LOL thank you. His name is Yoshi and he is my baby:love:
  14. Thank you for your kind words and I am so sorry for your loss.
  15. LOL, I'm going to check out that forum right now. I have never really looked at the purses, seeing something new would be great. Thank you:smile: