i'm so confused...wrinkles, crinkles and veins

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  1. I keep hearing these terms talked about, and I thought I understood the difference. But i'm not so sure anymore after seeing some pictures. I am having a hard time understanding the difference especially with wrinkles and veins. I was wondering if anyone could post pictures side by side to help shed some light. Could it be that some people use different terms for the same thing?
  2. LOL, I know what you mean!! The language of bag addicts is hysterical!! My favorite is "chewy" :P

    Ok, so I think this bag is moderately wrinkly and very smooshy:

  3. This bag is only slightly/lightly veiny (the lighter color striations throughout would be the 'veins'):

  4. I would call this chewy LOL!!:

  5. This one is very thick (thickest of all my bbag leathers):

  6. Okay, if that grenat is "chewy" then sign me up! I want a chewy bag!
  7. hmwe46, thanks!!! Those are fabulous pictures. And I agree, the chewy looks especially delicious:yes: And all of your bags look like real gems!!!
  8. Thanks! If anyone else wants to describe my bags differently, please do!! LOL, I am just calling them how they look to me, but I am sorta in love with them all.

    The only variation I have seen and not liked was "dry" and "crackly" like this one (that went straight back to the store!!):

  9. LOL.. I still don't get chewy! And now that you bring it up.. could someone *please* explain smooshy to me?!! Please?
  10. "Smooshy" to me means thick, soft & 'squishy' :P

    Veins = lines that aren't "raised"

    Crinkles & wrinkles.. well, now that I think of it, I guess they're sorta the same thing ???
  11. That helps. Still a little confused though...

    I think we need to change the title of this post to -

    Wrinkles and crinkles and veins, oh my!

  12. Yep! I have thought long and hard about this, it's "chewy" that you want. I have decided my blueberry Work is chewy. I should post pics to get a confirmation on that!
  13. I think someone should make a resource page with lots of photos of each kind of description and sticky it! :woohoo:
  14. i think that is a great idea.
  15. hmwe46, thanks for wonderful pics, but i wonder....

    the "dry" and "crackly" is mostly matt too?? or can it be shiny and dry? (to me if it's shiny then it's not really dry -- it makes sense this way)

    so can you get rid of the "dry" and "crackly" by applying leather conditioner???