I'm so confused with unconfirmed addresses...

  1. I am selling something online, and someone did a BIN. They sent me a payment through Paypal, it said paypal credit. So I went to check out all the info and it said the address was unconfirmed. Second the name on the account didn't match the name of where I was supposed to ship. I didn't feel comfortable so I reunded the money. However the buyer contacted me back and said how they had moved and to hold onto the item until wednesday when they can confirm the address. How do you ladies feel about this situation? Second is there a way to ship and protect myself with an unconfirmed address? I'm so nervous with all the scams out there, any answers will truely be appreciated...TIA.
  2. There is no way to ship to an unconfirmed address through paypal and still be safe, they require that you ship to confirmed addresses in order to be covered by their seller protection policy.

    All that confirmed addresses mean is that the address the buyer has inputed matches the address on the credit card they have on file, so if your buyer recently moved, their new address would be unconfirmed until they changed addresses with their credit card company.

    As for the names not matching, it could be someone elses account they are using, such as me using my husbands account but having them ship to my name...
  3. I have refunded the payment before and had it resent once their address was able to be confirmed. I wouldn't sweat it just yet and you are lucky your buyer is being nice, some get really belligerent.
    Ship with signature confirmation too & you should be okay.
  4. Great, thanks ladies. I am just going to wait it out and see if they get confirmed. Thanks again!!!
  5. It may take a week or so it just depends. Does your buyer have a decent feedback score?
  6. The buyer has 24 feedback and one negative of no payment. But I was more worried about the scam of hijacked accounts and payment with stolen credit cards. I don't want to ship it and later have to pay back because of a chargeback, and then be out money and item.
  7. It takes 3 days to confirm an address. If they don't pay within 3 days with a confirmed addrses, you can relist the item.
  8. I actually ended up waiting two weeks on one item as she wanted to make sure she got the refund on her credit card statement. Why she couldn't have checked her statement online I'll never know, but she had put in a great best offer so I just waited patiently.
    Plus I didn't want the hassle of filing the non-paying bidder dispute which also takes a while.
    At least your buyer has a decent feedback score and has been communicative, I'm sure it will work out just fine.
  9. One thing to remember is that paypal does not confirm addresses in all countries, it won't confirm them (I even asked them directly to make an exception) for example in most of Europe. I imagine when they themselves don't let us confirm our addresses, you must still be covered, otherwise their policy wouldn't make sense.
  10. Really? I confirmed my address the minute I changed it... I had already changed the address with my CC company, went in to paypal changed my address had them confirm it.