I'm so confused -- which bag would suit me best?

  1. It seems the more I learn, the less I know what to choose -- and every time I've just about decided which bag I think I want, I read something that makes me question whether that would be the best choice. So I thought I would turn to you ladies for help in figuring this out.

    I don't care for the look of two bags for work, and I don't much like the look of briefcases at all -- so what I'm looking for is a bag that can serve both as a purse and to carry documents, magazines etc. (I don't need room for a lot of paperwork, but definitely some or a magazine or two.)

    I'd also like it to be not too easily scratched (every-day bag), not too heavy and fairly convenient to get things out of..

    I've been looking at the Kelly (would a 32 be large enough?), Birkin and Kabana -- but I'm open to suggestions. I also looked at the Vespa/Trim models, which don't seem wide enough, and the Masai, which appears too unstructured for paperwork. The Blue LA Bag on ebay looks like it would work, but it's pretty beaten up and I'd be afraid that refurbishing isn't possible.

    Any insight or advice is most welcome and appreciated!
  2. DQ - sounds like you need a Birkin!! 35 to hold all those documents - how tall are you? What size bags do you normally like?
  3. The birkin in 30 is also easy to carry mags, etc....or the bolide which has a zip top...and some leathers are lighter, and the textured ones generally do not show scratches; the garden party canvas totes are nice too and then you could always carry something smaller inside to carry alone...
  4. You could also look at the White Bus. Here is a link to Funnyredhead's White Bus:


    The Plume also works well as a tote type bag.
  5. DQ, I feel the same way as you do. Unless I'm visiting a very formal client, I carry my Rocabar GPT as my workbag/briefcase. It is large enough without being too large, doesn't scratch or show dirt and looks professional, if a bit unconventional. Have you tried on the larger Garden Party Tote?
  6. Wow, you guys are fast -- thanks!

    I'm about 5' 5" (slightly under) and like large bags for daytime. But what I don't like is when they're so large that they start to weigh a ton -- so I'm very interested in which leathers are the lighter ones.

    I love the Birkin look -- the strap closure is snappy, but it looks a little unwieldy. Do you think it will work for something I'll be in and out of all day long?

    A smaller bag inside a larger one - now there's an idea that the shopper in me loves! But sadly the budget doesn't have two bags in it right now . . . .

    Thanks again!
  7. I think a lot of ladies laeve their birkin open for easy access......you can tuck the flap in and do up the straps so they're not hanging.

    I believe chevre is one of the lightest??
  8. I also hear vache liegee is light...have not held it myself, so correct me if wrong please.
  9. Well....hmmmm......sounds like you need a.......HAC!!!!!! Yep! and just as soon as I find that dang pic I took of mine filled to the brim with all my stuff plus a few mags and files, I'll post it so you can see what I mean.

    It's a pretty perfect solution for the workday/weekend type bag....
  10. ^ good idea, shopmom, I always forget HAC's...
  11. HAC? (She asked sheepishly . . . :shrugs: :shame: ) A pic would be super -- thanks!
  12. Ok....here ya go....32cm Black Box HAC w/Ruthenium...:heart:
    HAC.jpg HACfull.jpg HAC&me.jpg
  13. I like the idea of a Birkin 35, HAC 32 or whitebus for your needs. Keep in mind that the larger Birkins can get pretty heavy when stuffed - especially in leathers like togo, clemence and fjord. Please keep us posted and let us know what you end up with!
  14. OOHHH, a Whitebus would be really great too! I'd check that out as well, Dressage....good idea, GT!
  15. Dressagequeen, I think you should get an HAC! It's the oldest bag Hermes has (1892 if I am not mistaken) and was made to carry riding boots originally. PERFECT fit! OK I am biased, I am in luuurve with the HAC :smile: