I'm so confused! Please help!


Jan 6, 2006
Hi girls,
so finally after staring all the time at your beautiful b-bags. I decided to get a city but I'm just so confused with the colours. I'm torn between the lilac and the cornflower blue which is pretty hard to locate in Europe.I don't know which I like better. The blue goes great with jeans but so does the lilac. My cloths colours are mixed: a lot of brown beige but as well alot of light pink, tourquese and white for summer. Do you think the lilac is just a summer colour? I love them both. Which one would you choose?
Yeah! Congrats!! Although both are beautiful colors, I think I would go for the cornflower blue. It is such a versatile color. By the way, both colors are available at Aloha Rag! Good luck with your decision, and let us know what you decided to get (and post pics!) :nuts::nuts::nuts:
I would probably go with the Lilac, I think it's much more unique and it's nicer for the summer. I don't think it's exclusively a summer colour though, it would look smashing with white in the winter !
I don't really like light purples and pinks, so I'm voting for the cornflower blue. It would look amazing with jeans :nuts: It's a beautiful color, I'd love to have a City in this color :love:
Based on the colours in your wardrobe - I would definitely suggest the cornflower for you. I think you would get a lot of use out of this color and it really could be carried throughout the year.
Based on the information given, I think Cornflower would be a better choice for you.

I'm not a fan of the lilac in general though. The leather on the lilac bags is some of the worst that I have seen and in a overall sense, I find the color to be muddled. The cornflower stands out a lot more.

Good luck!
Thanks for your help. Aloha rag send me their file but I would pay ca. 500$ more for it than here in Europe with shipping and 25% customs duty on it so I won't buy from outside Europe. I have to wait to Wednesday for van Ravenstein to call me back if they'll have the cornflower. I called through all Balenciaga retailers in Europe for the cornflower but they all just have the ink which I don't like that much .I'm usually not a blue person except for jeans but with the cornflower it's different. I probably will have to take what's available. If they have the cornflower I'll def. take that but if not lilac will be my second choice. Balenciaga could make it easier for me if they wouldn't put out so many colours all the time:smile:
I love both of this years colors. The Lilac is beautiful, it has gray undertones, that to me go with many colors, yet I think the cornflower would probably go with more. Im torn on these 2 colors, but I think I would ultimately choose the cornflower.