Im so Confused over the Agenda

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  1. Hi, Im gunna get an agenda but I need one which will fit blank paper which can be used for sketches and drawings, it needs to also fit in phone numbers and address papers (all from LV) and possibly fit in a monthly diary. But LV website is confusing me, can all agenda's fit these in or which agenda do I need to get ? Thanks :flowers:
  2. when i purchased my agenda, i was given the 2006 pack along with it...
    i don't remember what it was called but it came with everything you need...
    so i got a month chart, planner that fit a week in 2 pages, some blank line paper, an lv telephone/address book, a very cute ruler and stickers too!
  3. i think what your looking for is the small functional agenda complete refill / week or day
  4. Thanks for Your advice, thats really helped. I think that one is great :smile:
  5. you'd need a med or desk size
  6. small agenda wont fill all that.
    I have the small 4x6 Multicolor and just purchased a refill. with that in it, its full, pages flip funny and bend along the rings,

    Much less unless you write *tiny* and address refill space is small, not worth it to me.

    I took pic's but the battery died before i could get the pic's off.,
    I'll post them in a bit.

    Personally i think a med or desk size would be better.
    desk.jpg med epi.jpg med mono.jpg med shu.jpg
  7. oh ok! lol i guess i should just write less in my agenda then cuz with the initial pack of 2006 refills right now, i find my vernis framboise agenda the perfect size!
  8. I use the small mc one and its ok for me. I have a seperate book( have had it for years) with addy's in it. So the small works.

    but i think for doing what the other person is looking for i dont think it will work.

    I use mine to keep track of the kids dentist/doc/ and ortho appts, days off school and stuff like that so it works.

  9. ;) hehe thanks alot! i wuz getting kind of worried that i might have purchased the wrong size! but i only use it for school and such so i think i shoould be okay too!