I'm so confused.....'05 Teal vs. '07 Ocean


Which color do you prefer....'05 Teal or '07 Ocean?

  1. '05 Teal

  2. '07 Ocean

  3. Neither

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  1. I'd like to add a blue to my collection but am not sure which color to get. I've looked through the Blue Family thread and have narrowed it down to two: '05 Teal or '07 Ocean. Anyone who has Teal or Ocean, which do you prefer and why? and if neither.....any other suggestions? Thanks everyone!
  2. I prefer the teal to the ocean personally... I think its more wearable and has more a vintagey vibe to it if thats your thing... and not to mention 05 leather! take a look at Tooshies Teal work!
  3. i'd go for the 07 ocean...................
  4. I definitely agree!! Teal has universally amazing leather and the color is really appealing and versatile. I love it! Here's a pic of mine.

  5. Totally agree with addicted and Murphy66(aaah, my Teal&Dolma cousin:p).

    Teal has the most amazing leather(I have a Work and a Shoe bag), and the leather is magical....It's really saturated with turquoise hue, but subdued and has loads of vintage character. I'm in awe with mine, every time I look at the color:love:

    Besides, as great as 07 leather is, it's no comparison to the gorgeous 05 leather:drool:

    Here's my Work and Shoe bag:heart:


    This one is a true representation of the gorgeous color.


  6. i prefer the colour ocean but if you can get your hands on 05 leather then why not? ;)
  7. [​IMG]

    YOWSA!! :drool: tooshies, that is gorgeous!! Thanks, addicted and murphy66!! I think Teal is the winner!!:tup:
  8. I think I prefer Ocean... I also like to buy my bags new, so it wouldn't be much of a contest for me. :nogood:
  9. Teal for me
  10. I also prefer Teal.
  11. I loooove my Ocean City! I haven't seen Teal IRL, but I prefer to buy my bags new as well :yes:
  12. I'm partial to '05 Teal...I have never loved a shade of blue so much. It goes with everything! And the '05 leather...well, you know. Nothing like it! :love:

    tealtwiggy.jpg IMG_0028.JPG
  13. I like the teal better too ... it's just more vibrant to me than the ocean.
  14. Thanks everyone! I would like a new bag also, but there's just something about a soft, smooshy, broken-in bag that I just love to run my hands through.....
  15. ^i've never felt a o5' bag... but my ocean is INSANELY smooshy and soft!