I'm so busted

  1. My DH is gonna kill me:lecture: . My SA called this morning to tell me that my baggy GM came in. Then she told me they also had the mono rivet:drool: . So I rushed over but wasn't sure about getting the mono rivet. I mean, I just bought a bag yesterday. I get there and my SA told me that the mono rivet was for someone else. Phew, it wasn't meant to be. So I get my baggy GM and my Jack and Lucie. After she hands me my shopping bag, she then tells me that they do have it available. OMG:wtf:, I asked to see it again and I just had to do it. So I've put myself on a ban :banned:. These purchases should get me through for a while. I hope:sweatdrop: .


  2. conrgratz! i wonder how long the ban will last?
  3. Firstly, Congrats!!!!! And, ummmm, yes...he is going to kill you!
  4. Awesome:nuts: , but yeah, you are in trouble !!!:p
  5. Love that Lichen Baggy!!
  6. the green is SO pretty!! congrats.....!!!
  7. But it is a nice way to go, don't you think??? :lol:
    Think about your gorgeous new purses, that will get you through anything!
  8. I know, I know. I'm a dead woman. :sweatdrop:
  9. Congrats!! Bans never last long.. hehe =)
  10. So worth getting busted. Lovely bags!
  11. yeah girl, I'm with ya on that... nice purchases, and mine need to get me through a while too, and like you, I believe they will...
  12. Yes, the green is so pretty. Your rivet is TDF!! Congratulations! :biggrin:

    Oh btw, you have a beautiful fam :yes:
  13. Congrats! And.. hide. :smile:
  14. :roflmfao: I really should.
  15. congrats! nice purchases