I'm so Bummed!

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  1. The turnlock fell off my dusty rose legacy leather flap. I know they'll take care of me...but it will be next week before I can get to my nearest coach store...and then I'll be without my bag for a while unless they just give me a new one. So I'm really bummed right now.
  2. Oh, sorry to hear that. I just got a sm black Legacy Flap - I think the Madison Leather one... I hope it doesn't happen to it!
  3. That's terrible. I've read that a few people have had some problems with the turnlocks falling off. Something about the 'first batch' had some problems and then the next batch made resolved the problem????

    Anyway, as depressing as it is, you know Coach will make it right with you.
  4. Yeah...I remember reading that too...and I bought mine the first week it was out so I'm sur thats what it was...but still a bummer to have to be without it for a while.
  5. Good luck!
  6. I'm really sorry to hear that! :crybaby: Give us an update when you get it fixed. Do you think they'll just exchange it for a new one in the store, or will you have to have it sent in?
  7. I think they'll have me send it in, but when my mom had a problem with her signature stripe swing pack they just did a return on it and overnighted her another one (since that store was out of stock).
  8. I just sent my Chelsea Optic in and it took about 3 weeks but the SA I talked to on the phone let me send it in with out the fee because i had only had it a month or less. The stitching was coming apart at the shoulder strap.

    Got back and it is good as new! I missed it but I am glad it is "perfect" again
  9. I am sorry about what happened. It seems like it is happening to a-lot of people's bags. Hope it gets back to you soon.
  10. oh no! that blows! i hope that doesn't happen to mine, but I'm sure coach will take care of it for us if it does!
  11. So sorry to hear that, but Coach will make it right!
  12. The turnlock fell off my Ali bag and I took it to the store and they just gave me a new one right there on the spot.
  13. Im bummed for you!
    Recently, Coach's quality seems to have dropped a tad bit. I have always loved their attention to detail and quality assurance measures, bu tI wonder if they ahev been abandoned in favor of just mass producing, knowing people will buy them anyway.
  14. OK...so I finally got to a coach store today. The manager and sales people were extremely apologetic - I actually had like three people helping me even though the store was packed. Unfortunately the store I was at sold out of the bag earlier this week....but they checked around and a nearby store had it still in stock so they processed the return and are shipping the new bag to me at my mom's house on Monday! Yeah!
  15. Glad everything worked out! I hope it doesn't happen to any of mine.