I'm so bummed!

  1. My listing just ended about 10 mins ago, and the highest bid is $30 below my reserve.

    I really ended my listing at a bad time, it's so early on the westcoast!

    Looks like I'm going to re-list, do you think I should put a reserve at $380 again? I started the listing at $299. If I start it at $380, doesn't it seem too high?

    AHH, more listing fees. =(

    OH well, at least now I have more time to figure out how I'm going to ship and all.
  2. If you use eBay's relist option I think you can relist it for free once. You will have to look up the details on that. I haven't used it for quite a while now. But i know they definetly have some sort of free relist policy
  3. Has anyone relisted and sold for an even better price? I'm afraid, those who are interested might think I will go for less since it didn't sell the first time.
  4. I sold a French Connection jacket on eBay in December, the first time I listed it it didn't get one bid even though I started it at £0.99, so I relisted it and it got several bids and ended up going for £70. Sometimes it's just luck of the draw with eBay I guess :s
  5. I had 14-17 watchers during the 7 days, but if most of them were from the west coast, I'm sure they were all still sleeping! In the last few minutes, I had 3 bidders. I'm going to re-list around 5PM today. WISH ME LUCK! I was really excited to sell my first item on ebay too. shucks!
  6. It's too bad we can't set the ending time for the auction, it just does it 7 days exactly. Or can you?
  7. I believe you can set it for 7, 5, 3, or even 1 and if you want it to start at a certain time, it's a really small fee (like, ten cents) to have it start at a particular time. Hope that helps and good luck!
  8. Yeah, I see the days, but I don't see the time, hmm, let me look.

    I love this place, you guys are so much help!
  9. Does anyone know how insurance works? Is tracking the same thing?
  10. Tracking and insurance are two different things. Its a good idea to have both to protect yourself. I would start it at $299.00 with no reserve and end it at a better time. You are taking a bit of a chance but you don't get the same flurry of last minute bidding if you have a reserve on your auction. You will probably get more interest in your item (and maybe a higher price) if you don't use a reserve.
  11. i alwys include insurance/delivery confiramtion in the shipping charges..

  12. I'm really confused! I don't know to go with USPS or UPS? It's going to be in a regular flat rate box if I go with USPS, the bag is about $500, how much will insurance be? I dont know what to put for the shipping price. Also, when USPS says "delivery confirmation" do they get a signature when delivered or...?
  13. You need to get signature confirmation, if you want someone to sign for it, not delivery confirmation. Also, keep in mind that for transactions over $250, paypal requires signature confirmation for you to be protected.

    For insurance, I would insure it for the price it sells for, not the original retail price, but for $500 insurance it would cost $6.40 from USPS (not sure if it is less if buy online).
  14. Thank you for all the help! I can't wait for the 2nd time around!
  15. I am pretty sure that an insured package through USPS has to be signed for, at least that is how it has always worked for me. If I am not at home when an insured package comes, they leave a note in my box saying that I have a package (I live in a single family home).

    You will get your relist fees back if your item sells the second time, but you will still have to pay for the original listing fees...does that make sense? Good luck, I hope that your auction goes better the second time around!